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Acer Nitro 5
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Ultrabook and Gaming Laptop in Bangladesh

Computer Mania BD is one of the best Flagship laptops & accessories selling shops in Bangladesh. From the very beginning Computer Mania BD is working for gamers and laptop users of Bangladesh by providing them with authentic laptops and the best possible price in BD. Key to our prosperity and the execution of our system ‘Own the Responsibility’, are our kin and our way of work. They rejuvenate our character, characterized by our motivation, mission, and demeanor.


About US

Computer Mania BD is a well-known Flagship Laptop and PC equipment selling Company in Bangladesh. Established on 02 October 2011 and are very famous among the laptop users of Bangladesh for selling elite class Ultrabooks and gaming laptops specially. In one word Computer Mania BD is a name of trust for selling brand new laptop and pc equipments with official manufacturer end warranty support which makes consumer purchase reliable.

Our Purpose

-Working for the betterment of general users of Bangladesh with official laptop brands.

– Providing Quality after-sales service with dedicated engineers from Computer Mania BD.

– Serving Laptops of various renowned brands with official warranty support.

– Allowing our customers to purchase products with the most competitive price compared to any other companies of Bangladesh.

Our Mission

Tech enthusiasts do not settle for the average. And neither does Computer Mania BD. To be the best Tech and Laptop retail shop not only in Bangladesh but all over the world and for this purpose we already have our selling hub in the USA. To offer the best in every segment like price, warranty and providing quality consumer satisfaction is our moto.

Our Objectives

– One of the leading importer, distributer and retailers of laptops and computer components.

– Distributing the laptops in mass quantity

– Distribution among the software firms and other renowned companies

– Providing official warranty products from manufacturer’s end

– Providing Impressive Customer service and after sales service from our engineers

Purchase HUB and Name of Trust

– Providing new laptops with manufacturer end warranty.

– Getting Premium laptops that no one can provide in Bangladesh.

– Dedicated engineer support from our end.

– Price is more Competitive than any other shops in Bangladesh.

– Low delivery time is guaranteed.

– Bulk amount orders are always welcomed.

– World class after sales service maintenance.

Corporate Dealing

Computer Mania BD is currently dealing with Numerous Corporate dealing and day by day it is growing at a very fast pace. Some known Companies with which we are currently working with are the Cefalo Bangladesh Ltd., North South University, Radisson etc. We are very professional and dedicated while doing corporate dealings.

Our Team

We have energetic and well-trained teams for each our sectors. We have a reputed sales team, well organized customer service team, a trained and systematic marketing team along with well trained engineers for providing satisfactory after sales service and warranty support who work 24/7

Brands that we are working with

Computer Mania BD currently deals the gigantic laptop manufacturing brands like Apple, Asus, Acer, Microsoft Surface, MSI, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung & Huawei, etc. These are the brands Computer Mania BD is officially dealing with that means if you purchase any of the laptops of these brands then you will get the official warranty support directly from the manufacturer’s end. In short purchasing laptops from Bangladesh Computer Mania BD will give authentic brand warranty support as well as the best possible pricing for these laptops in Bangladesh.

Coming to the Apple segment currently, Computer Mania BD is providing authentic apple warranty supported products of various lineup, for example in Computer Mania BD you will get MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iMac and iMac mini. By purchasing Apple products, you will get the official warranty support from the Computer Mania BD. Moreover, the price of these apple products is the lowest with official warranty support in Computer Mania BD.

For Microsoft users, we have great options, and we know the customer’s satisfaction level using the Microsoft Surface lineup. In Computer Mania BD you will get the official and authentic Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Go, and Microsoft Surface laptop. Even you can grab all other accessories of surface line up like Surface Pen, Microsoft Surface mouse and keyboard as well. If you purchase any Microsoft products from Computer Mania BD, then as usual you will get the official warranty products from Computer Mania BD with the best possible price in BD.

Coming back to the Acer segment is our one of the fan’s favorite brand especially considering the price and their Nitro series laptops. In Acer currently in Computer Mania BD, we are dealing with Acer Aspire, Acer Nitro, Concept D, Acer Gaming, Acer Predator, Acer Travel mate, Acer Swift, Acer Enduro, Acer Brand PC etc. Among these Acer Predator and Acer Nitro are very popular to the users of Bangladesh and for this reason, you will variety of laptop models available under this segment. By purchasing any Acer Brand laptops, you will get official Acer warranty support and the best price in BD for these laptops.

Most of the laptop users of Bangladesh are the fan Asus brand as Asus always provides them with various models with different specifications. Moreover, they try to release the laptops with the latest technologies as soon as global release weather from Intel or AMD. This innovation made them more popular and for this reason, budget options are more frequent within the Asus brand. In Asus branding laptops there are Asus ROG, Asus TUF, Asus ZenBook, Asus Vivo book and even Asus Brand PC are available in Computer Mania BD. If you purchase Asus laptops from Computer Mania BD, then you will get the official warranty directly from Asus and pricing of the Asus laptops whether gaming or business class in Computer Mania BD you will get the Asus laptops at more competitive pricing in Computer Mania BD only.

If you are thinking about purchasing any MSI Laptop then again Computer Mania BD has a huge collection of MSI laptops of different segments. If you are willing to purchase any of the MSI branded laptops from Computer Mania BD then you will get the official warranty from Computer Mania BD and the most reasonable price in BD. MSI Prestige series, MSI Alpha series, GE series, GF series, GL series, GP series, GT series, GV series and MSI sword series are available in Computer Mania BD. So, grab the official warranty product and with the best possible pricing to purchase MSI laptops Computer Mania BD is providing you with the ultimate solution.

Among the laptop users of Bangladesh, the HP series is very popular and they trust the brand HP as their daily usage device from very early since the introduction of HP itself. HP Pavilion laptop is one of the best possible laptops selling segments right now. As there are lots of various products and a comfortable price range of the laptop there is huge popularity in this brand. HP Omen is very popular gaming segment by HP and renowned for its consistent performance. In the recent years the latest released laptop especially for the gaming and budget segment is HP Victus is also available in Computer Mania BD. HP Victus lineup is very popular to the recent age budget-friendly gamers of Bangladesh. As it performs great in-game and the heat management is also great.

Among all other laptops of the HP segment, there are also some brand PCs that are also very popular in Computer Mania BD. Most of the elite class people in Bangladesh who are mainly the fan of brand PC segment day basically choose brand PC of various laptop production brands produced by HP but especially each with brand PC has a great hype among the consumers of Bangladesh and are one of the bestselling products of Computer Mania BD.

Huawei is another laptop brand who produces some great laptops especially when it comes to unique design and portability. Among them mate books are one of the topmost preferable laptop segments by Bangladeshi consumers and not to be said one of the best laptops selling segments buy computer mania BD. here you will get official Huawei laptops with great pricing and official warranty support directly by the manufacturer end.

All the consumers and take lovers all from all over Bangladesh no with the brand Lenovo. Lenovo not only produce slim and lightweight laptops but also some great gaming laptops which can do you really complete their duties and keep the total machine cool. Lenovo is the top selling laptop brand show Computer Mania BD end the main reason behind is the price range, the durability, the performance and end the consistency that Lenovo provides spectacularly better than any other any other brands.

Coming to the 2-in-1 convertible segment Lenovo flex is one of the best laptops produced by Lenovo and one of the bestselling products show me computer mania BD. Because they provide great exterior with the device balancing the price of the laptop. Specially Lenovo flex 5 is one of the great nonconvertible which support both touch and pen which make daily task easier. and in computer mania BD you will get this laptop within a very reasonable price range.

Coming to IdeaPad Lenovo does the job great with the build quality as well as the performance of the device. not to mention in the Ideapad segment there are also Ideapad gaming which is mainly entry level gaming laptops for budget friendly gamers and those laptops basically can run any game in mid settings. For budget friendly gamers idea pad gaming is a great device which it’s the perfect bang for your buck. in computer mania BD you will get all these Ideapad devices produced by Lenovo with official warranty support and a very competitive price range and are one of the best laptops especially when we deal with corporate dealings. Because Ideapad segment meets the demand of the official need smoothly.

When it comes to the durability Lenovo legion is the best segment to define what is the durability of the gaming machine or a laptop. Solid build quality and durability are the main keywords to define the Lenovo legion series. in recent years with the Lenovo legion 5 segment, it became one of the topmost gaming laptops selling series is worldwide. and Lenovo legion 5 is the topmost selling laptop currently by computer mania BD. in computer many BD you will get the best price in Bangladesh as well as official warranty support directly from Lenovo if you purchase Lenovo legion series laptops from computer mania. good build quality durability and consistent gaming performance by the Legion series is made this laptop not only popular for gamers but also content creators. content creators who need work power for their daily chores are fond of the Lenovo legion series. And this is the main reason why Lenovo legion add the spectacular selling laptops from computer mania BD.

When it comes to durability especially to the business class segment everyone is known with the Lenovo ThinkPad series. style compact build factor and durability at the key factor for the ThinkPad series. and these characteristics made ThinkPad a laptop of another segment. recently Lenovo produced subsegment of ThinkPad which is mainly known as ThinkBook. Lenovo think book is also great when comes with the price range but for the consistency and output in most cases match the performance and durability of ThinkPad. and if you purchase Lenovo think book or ThinkPad from Computer Mania BD does not mention you will get official warranty support from Lenovo and the best price in Bangladesh as well.

Lenovo V series add not very popular when it comes to the selling segment but are very durable and powerful machines by Lenovo if you are thinking to buy a Lenovo V series laptop then you can get it from computer mania BD with great prices and official warranty support. and you will be very to know that in computer Mania BD you will get the latest and greatest laptops which are event invented very recently in first step add your favorite shop computer mania BD. as we must deal with corporate dealings, and this is the prime factor while we must keep a variety of products in stock which basically make your shopping smoother especially choosing which laptop you are going to get. as you are getting a lot of options to choose from and the best price in Bangladesh there are no other alternative rather than computer mania BD.

When you consider budget and the durability within the touch segment, you should first recall the name of Lenovo Yoga series. Under this segment there are many laptops specially Yoga C940 is one of the premium with great build quality the spectacular specifications which made the Yoga series premium and even if you want to save some cost then Yoga C740 and others are also available for this segment which does the daily job done very well. All these Lenovo Yoga series are available spectacularly in Computer Mania BD with great prices and of course with the official Lenovo warranty support.

When you are in love with Lenovo but need more power than a laptop, Computer Mania is here with the Brand PC segment of Lenovo. In Computer Mania BD you will get the Lenovo Brand PC segment with official warranty support and the price of these Brand PC are competitively lower than any other laptop selling shops in Bangladesh.

If you are fan of Microsoft devices, then Microsoft surface is the lineup where you will get the reliability of Microsoft software with quality hardware synchronization in the Microsoft Surface lineup.

First and foremost, the device from Microsoft device we deal with is the Microsoft Surface Book. There are lots of laptop under the Microsoft Surface Book and Computer Mania BD deal with them officially. In Computer Mania BD you will find all the Surface Book lineups with official warranty support and with the most lucrative price in BD.

When you are going to take the best experience of portability then Microsoft Surface Go suits you the best. In this Lineup, you will get Surface GO and Surface GO2 both are very portable and can do the daily job done smoothly. These laptops are very portable and powerful to do the daily official work and are exclusively available in Computer Mania BD with the best competitive price as well as with the official Surface warranty support.

For those who don’t need the 2in1 flexibility, in Microsoft Surface lineup they release the Surface Laptop series. In Microsoft Laptop segment you will find the Surface Laptop GO, Surface Laptop is a premium laptop segment from the Microsoft Surface lineup, and you will get the best performance in laptop formfactor and in Computer Mania BD you will get reliability as well as the authentic warranty support.

Computer Mania BD also deals with the MSI laptops and is one of the best laptops selling segments of our company. In the MSI Laptop segment Prestige series is very popular among content creators. MSI Prestige series laptops are very well known for their durability and great power output with great build quality.

There are some well know gaming laptop selling segments like MSI GL series, MSI GP series, MSI GF series, MSI GS series, etc. are all available in Computer Mania BD with official warranty support and this is the main reason why we became one of the knowns trusted brands among the people of Bangladesh as within the corporate dealings as well.

A brand that Created Trust

At Computer Mania BD, we are defiant positive thinkers driven by activity, with a craving to shape a superior future together. We see the universe of games and culture with probability where others just see the outlandish. Do More, Worry Less’ isn’t just a slogan for us. By being hopeful and knowing the force of game, we see unlimited conceivable outcomes to apply this force and push all individuals forward with activity.