HP OMEN: Highest Performance with Unmatched Reliability

The HP Omen is widely considered to be among the best gaming laptops currently on the market. In order to compete in the massive gaming laptop market, HP has introduced the Omen product line, which features their premium laptop PCs.

Each and every laptop in the OMEN series from HP is guaranteed to have the most recent hardware in addition to HP’s renowned high quality. Because of this, OMEN is a dependable brand name for all of you gamers out there. In the year 2022, HP debuted their OMEN series of laptops, which featured a comprehensive overhaul in terms of build quality and additional performance enhancements.


The HP Omen is available in three distinct versions: the OMEN 15, the OMEN 16, and the OMEN 17. These numbers refer to the computer’s display screen and indicate the model’s variation. The OMEN 16 is by far the most well-liked model of all of these options. Since its debut in 2021, the HP OMEN 16 has been met with tremendous acclaim across the globe, and it is currently one of the company’s gaming laptops that receives the highest ratings from customers.

The OMEN 16 features an attractive design overall. It does not feature any flashy RGBs or an aggressive gaming aesthetic, but rather it has a simple appearance and the feel of a quality product, making it appropriate for use in an office setting.


The Omen has a stunning display that is also very bright, and the bezels on all three sides are very narrow. The display has a resolution of 16.1 inches in QHD and a 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition to a respectable brightness level, it features a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz. The display’s color accuracy is also very outstanding, with up to 100% of the sRGB color gamut and up to 3 milliseconds of response time, respectively.


The keyboard of the OMEN 2022 has a number of incremental upgrades that make it superior than that of earlier models. It features a full-sized keyboard with RGB lighting for each individual key. The keyboard of the OMEN 16 is distinctive in that it moves the arrow keys to the right, resulting in larger keys, precisely like those on a desktop computer. This is an excellent feature for gamers who make frequent use of the arrow keys. The keys have a very substantial amount of movement and a tactile feel to them. All things considered, it’s a really solid keyboard for a laptop.

Cooling at its best:

The HP OMEN has a cooling mechanism that has a stellar reputation for its effectiveness. Because it had two massive fans and larger vents, heat moved through the space much more swiftly. The thermal performance of this laptop is far superior to that of the vast majority of other laptops, despite the fact that it is a thin model. Because of this, reviewers have relatively few complaints about the thermal difficulties with the HP OMEN, and it has received positive feedback from power users everywhere.

The GPU Power of this Omen Series:

HP’s OMEN is the company’s flagship gaming device, and it comes equipped with the most recent and cutting-edge hardware that is currently on the market. This enables it to compete well in the gaming sector. The HP OMEN 2022 is equipped with the most recent CPUs from Intel’s 12th generation and graphics cards from Nvidia’s RTX series. By utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, NVIDIA DLSS is able to substantially enhance performance without compromising quality. The most realistic and immersive images are made possible via ray tracing, which is made possible by the second generation of RT Cores.


The HP OMEN has a reputation for outstanding performance and dependability. Despite the fact that it does not have a spec sheet that distinguishes it from any of the other flagship devices, HP guarantees the quality and longevity of the machine in addition to providing continuously high performance without skipping a frame. Additionally, it is dependent on AI-enabled OMEN optimization software in conjunction with intelligent power management.

HP OMEN 2022 models Bangladesh:

In recent times, OMEN has emerged as a top-tier and premium gaming laptop brand. However, it is not simple to find OMEN series laptops that are available for purchase in Bangladesh. However, the only place in Bangladesh where you can purchase OMEN laptops is on the Computer Mania BD website and in their retail stores. Computer Mania BD was the first company in Bangladesh to debut the OMEN series, and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from gamers and content creators who were interested in purchasing a premium gaming laptop.

HP OMEN 2022 Price in Bangladesh:

You can now acquire all the HP OMEN 15 and HP OMEN 16 laptops from Bangladesh at the best price from Computer Mania BD.  HP OMEN 2022 price in BD starts from 150,000 taka.

HP Omen 2022 models Price BDT
HP OMEN 16-K0034TX | 2022 Model | 16.1″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop Shadow Black ( I7-12700H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX3070Ti 8GB, W11 ) 267,000
HP OMEN 16-N0036AX | 2022 Model | 16.1″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop Mica Silver ( Ryzen 7 6800H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX3070Ti 8GB, W11 ) 278,000
HP OMEN 16-N0037AX | 2022 Model | 16.1″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop ( Ryzen 7 6800H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX3060 6GB, W11 ) 225,900
HP OMEN 15 | 2021 Model | 15.6-inch FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop ( Ryzen™ 7 5800H, 8GB, 512GB SSD, RTX™ 3060, W10 ) 152,000
HP OMEN 16 | 2022 Model | 16.1″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop Shadow Black ( I7-12700H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX3060 6GB, W11 ) 219,000
HP Omen 16 | AMD 2021 Model | 16.1″ FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop Mica Silver ( Ryzen 7 5800H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RX 6600M 8GB, W10 ) 173,000
HP OMEN 16-N0038AX | 2022 Model | 16.1″ QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop ( R7-6800H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RX6650M 8GB, W11 ) 224,000

*prices may vary time to time, check every product page for regular updated price.


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