In 2016 HP rebranded the Voodoo PC plan as their chief gaming setup and named as HP OMEN gaming course of action. HP OMEN is at present the essential gaming laptop for their notebook series.

The Omen series features laptops, notebooks, and additional items centered across different worth reaches, from more affordable diaries up to better quality pinnacles for authentic gamers with a lot of optional goodies.

HP Omen 2021

HP Omen 2021

HP omen 15 is a very popular for their 15 inch gaming laptop lineup. in the year 2021 we can see drastical improvement specially in HP OMEN segment where users get benefited due to the performance upgradation of OMEN series and powerful hardware inclusion which makes the HP omen series a gaming beast.

Not only that the build quality of HP omen series laptops at pretty fabulous in real world testing and running softwares as well.

In Computer Mania BD you will get of various models of HP omen series is laptops and most importantly price in BD of these laptops are very much considerable and reasonable compare it to any other authentic reliable laptop selling shops in Bangladesh.

HP Omen Laptop

HP Omen Laptop

in the year 2021 we can see HP omen series laptop with RTX GPU and very popular with NVIDIA RTX 3060 which is very popular gaming GPU for laptops this year. perfect combination of CPU and GPU on HP omen series laptops again bring the maximum output to your work and gaming experience.

If you consider how this series of HP omen started then the line was started in 2016 with the assertion of four things: two PCs, a zenith, and a show. For the most part, these first things were made a beeline for the higher completion of the market.

In case we experience the establishment history about the establishment of the OMEN plan then we can see that VoodooPC was an excess PC brand and companions.

HP Omen

HP Omen

Voodoo was at first started as a claim to fame PC maker in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was set up in 1991 and obtained by Hewlett Packard in 2006. Voodoo invested huge energy in unrivaled preparation.

By 2013 the Voodoo name was rarely again used and was superseded by the brand name Omen which uses a comparative logo. Voodoo PC was generally outstanding for its workspaces. On June 10, 2008, the PC’s done refresh was revealed, showing one more brushed metal case and mounted 7″ assistant screen.

The association was set up in 1991 by Rahul Sood, and in 1999 Ravi Sood joined the main gathering of errands. Going before the acquirement Voodoo used around 40 people between their Canadian focal station and their web improvement office in Bangalore.

On September 28, 2006, Rahul Sood gave an account of his blog that HP would acquire VoodooPC for an undisclosed total. Rahul Sood will be assuming the circumstance of Chief Technology Officer for HP’s Global Voodoo Business Unit. In August 2007, HP detailed the HP Blackbird 002 gaming PC with the name VoodooDNA inside the case.

Omen 15

Omen 15

The HP Blackbird can have its hard drive superseded in just 12 seconds in view of the gadget’s freeway plan and was released on September 15, 2007. Since the acquiring of Voodoo in 2006, the business has been re-developing the brand of Voodoo.

This was done on the 10th of June 2008 with the revelation that Voodoo will focus on best-in-class, top-spec PCs instead of gaming machines. Voodoo will moreover continue with Voodoo DNA machines with HP.

For the dispatch of their new picture heading, they used the motto of ‘Blending Art, Innovation and Performance;’ avowing the association’s future as an HP brand.

The Omen game plan opens with two workstations fundamentally called the Omen. They’re vague dull notebooks with legendary snake red elements as demonstrated by HP around each key and on the cover.

HP’s logo simply shows up inside; rather, the back of the workstations shows a surprising red valuable stone that looks mysteriously intrinsic or something. This logo was essentially the stamping of VoodooPC.

The two Omen PCs were isolated by size and specs. The more diminutive model has a 15.6-inch show and starts with one of Intel’s Core i3 processors; the greater model has a 17.3-inch show and starts with an i5 processor.

Both can be orchestrated with up to an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 965M GPU, and a 4K show.

The Omen Desktop followed August in 2016. That thing by HP was much continuously exorbitant stood out from the common gaming workspaces that were open in the market around then, at that point.

The apex used the more diminutive microATX structure factor and deal decisions like Nvidia’s Founders Edition delineations cards and water cooling.

During a readiness, HP spoke generally about organizing the Omen Desktop to be a good machine for VR gaming, so even the machine’s base specs ought to be amazing enough for a respectable experience.

Regularly, since it’s a gaming machine, the Omen Desktop introduced h sparkling LEDs. These are awful, not be self-evident while in VR. The Omen Desktop turned out sooner or later in August 2016.

The Omen line’s first screen is called the HP 32 Display. It’s a 32-inch Quad HD show promising a 5-millisecond response time and a 75Hz empower rate. It’s affirmed with AMD’s FreeSync to diminish stammer.

HP will probably keep working out the Omen line and name, making the aggregate of its gaming things under the Omen brand going on. Doing as such infers equaling DIY makers and various other existing and respected gaming brands.

It recently squandered that chance once when it essentially disposed of VoodooPC; notwithstanding, we’re looking at an entirely unexpected HP today that is based seriously on buyer hardware.

As of now, the key contraption that HP release under the OMEN checking is the gaming workstation. So people generally know OMEN as the gaming course of action PCs of HP.

These workstations achieved enormous conspicuousness due to their build quality and incredible long stretch execution.

The better cooling game plan of HP OMEN course of action workstations are the rule inspiration to get notable towards the gamers to sum things up time span.

Other than gaming workstations the HP OMEN moreover conveys various contraptions and fragments. Sign releases some incredible workspace gaming PCs like Omen workspace PC-875-0030qd, OMEN workspace PC-880-160se, etc.

There are in like manner some OK quality 240 Hz gaming screens are there made by HP under the OMEN checking. We can in like manner notice OMEN mouse, control center, and headphones for the gamers. OMEN also introduced a cluster under their OMEN checking like other gaming PC associations like Razer.

In Bangladesh, HP OMEN has gotten very noticeable quality. Colossal quantities of gamers favor OMEN checking gears than others open on the lookout.

PC Mania BD introduced HP OMEN plan workstation in 2017 and in a short period of time it expanded colossal acclaim among the Bangladeshi gamers due to the collection quality and execution of the OMEN gaming machines.

OMEN 17, 2019 is one of the rising aftereffects of Computer Mania BD and it expanded colossal notoriety due to its drastically changed outside and showing mind-boggling gaming execution.

If we really talk about the current circumstance of OMEN gaming workstations. These workstations are incredibly completely cool and extraordinary performers in AAA segment games.

Thusly, we unquestionably can say that these gaming PCs are adequate choices for mid to higher extent of gaming PCs segments, especially for the straightforward gamers.

currently, HP omen is one of the most popular gaming laptops available in the current market. you can game on it, you can run heavy software on it, you can do graphic designing or other any illustrator-related works pretty smoothly and sophisticatedly.

This is the reason in computer mania you will get various models of HP omen series laptops especially HP omen 15 is a tremendous choice among them.

You can purchase good CPU good GPU and good out structure of a fabulous gaming laptop and of course with a great design concept with the diamond cut logo that will you get on the exterior side of HP omen laptops which makes you outfit with this laptop more classy.

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HP Omen Gaming Laptop Price

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HP OMEN Price in BD
Price in BD

HP OMEN 15 || Ryzen™ 9 5900HX || 165 Hz || 16GB || 1 TB SSD || RTX™ 3070 

207,000 BDT
HP OMEN 16 || Ryzen™ 9 5900HX || 165 Hz || 16GB || 1 TB SSD || RTX™ 3070  209,000 BDT
OMEN 16 || Ryzen™ 7 5800H || 144 Hz || 16GB || 1 TB SSD || Radeon™ RX 6600M 163,000 BDT
HP OMEN 15 || Ryzen™ 7 5800H || 165 Hz || 8GB || 512GB  SSD || RTX™ 3060  153,900 BDT
HP OMEN 16 || Core™ i7-11800H || 165 Hz || 16GB || 1 TB SSD || RTX™ 3060  152,000 BDT
HP OMEN 16 || Ryzen™ 7 5800H || 144 Hz || 16GB || 1 TB SSD || RTX™ 3070  189,000 BDT
HP OMEN 15 || Ryzen™ 7 5800H || 144 Hz || 8GB || 512GB SSD || RTX™ 3060  152,900 BDT

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