Lenovo Legion 5 Price in Bangladesh

The bestselling laptops in Computer Mania for 2021 were the Legion 5 models, and in this year 2022, these two models are now available in a newly refurbished version with significant specification increases and excellent computability for gamers. This laptop is now more eligible for recommendation thanks to new CPU, GPU, and thermal improvements.

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Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming Laptop

Instead of being a budget-friendly gaming notebook, the Legion 5 has pushed to become a more upscale model. The growth of the IdeaPad Gaming 3 family, as well as unquestionably the higher performance numbers of all Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, have surely aided in this.

Gaming Oriented Device

The redesigned Nitro 5 series, which offers outstanding cooling and extremely high TGP graphics cards, uses Acer as an example. Similarly, the Legion 5 is the situation. The options range from the RTX 3050 (95W) to the RTX 3070 Ti (140W).

Lower in Price than Legion 5 Pro

Due to this, there is a huge price difference between models with the lowest and best specifications. Because the IdeaPad Gaming 3 has greater hardware than the Legion 5 for the same price, it is occasionally preferable to purchase a less spectacular laptop.

Wide Variety of Display Panel

And this is the point where the more costly equipment must justify its cost. Which ultimately results in it leaving the low-budget region. This is not always a bad thing, though, since it makes room for innovations like the 1440p 165Hz IPS display with a MUX switch and improved construction. Not to mention the ridiculously large I/O.

Slight Design Change in 2022

To remove what little hostility Legion 5 still has, the design has been somewhat altered. The laptop weights 2.40 kg and has a 20mm profile. This makes it a little heavier than some of the rivals, but overall, it is very typical.

Good Hinge to Last Long

The lid may be opened with one hand, as is to be expected. The second reason we would rationalize spending more money on the Legion 5 is because the hinges are significantly more stable than those of the IdeaPad Gaming 3 (15′′, 2022). Additionally, it has small top and side bezels, the former of which houses an add-on Full HD web camera. There is no privacy shutter, as you can see, but on the side.

4 Zone RGB Keyboard

Now, this beast’s keyboard is just incredible. It features clicky feedback and a ton of key travel. It makes it one among the best devices for non-mechanical gaming and virtually ideal for typing. It has a NumberPad and enormous Arrow keys, as you can see. The lighting is now available in White and 4-zone RGB illumination.

Comfortable TouchPad

Once more, using the “Fn” and “Q” buttons together will switch between three performance presets. Depending on the setting you choose, this causes the LED on the Power button to shine either Blue, White, or Red.

The touchpad in this instance is a sizable 75 by 120mm. Its smooth Mylar surface, outstanding tracking, and incredibly quick response time are all made possible by the 165Hz display.

Port Section of this Legion 5 Gaming Laptop

There are two USB Type-C 3.2 (Gen. 2) ports and a USB4 port on the left side of the device (upgradable after June 28th, 2022 BIOS update). There is an Audio jack and a USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 1) port, respectively, on the right. The majority of the ports are on the back. A LAN port, a second USB Type-C 3.2 (Gen. 2) port, an HDMI 2.1 connector, two USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 1) connectors, and the power connector are all located there.

Expected Battery Backup from Legion 5 series

Now that Windows Better performance setting is enabled, screen brightness is set to 120 nits, and all other apps are closed other than the one we are using to test the notebook, we do the battery tests. A battery pack with an 80Wh capacity powers this device. It can be used for 9 hours and 22 minutes of movie playback or 15 hours and 13 minutes of web browsing.

GPU options for 2022 Legion 5

The RTX 3050 (95W), RTX 3050 Ti (95W), RTX 3060 (130W*), RTX 3070 (140W), and RTX 3070 Ti are your options in terms of graphics (140W). Because Lenovo’s official docs list a 140W TGP value yet the driver on our device only shows 130W, we have an asterisk next to the RTX 3060.

Final Thought on Legion 5

The IPS display of the Lenovo Legion 5 (15-inch, 2022) boasts a 1440p resolution, a high maximum brightness, good viewing angles, and a strong contrast ratio. Its backlight uses PWM-free brightness adjustment and 97% sRGB gamut coverage. This gaming laptop is suitable for professional color-related work due to its outstanding color accuracy and the assistance of our Gaming and Web design profile. Of course, the fast pixel reaction times will make the 165Hz refresh rate a hit with gamers. Additionally, you should be aware that the Vantage app has an Overdrive feature to speed up the panel even more.

Best Sides of Legion 5
  • Superior TGP GPUs
  • Dual channel DDR5 RAM SODIMM slots, two M.2 PCIe x4 Gen 4 slots, and Wi-Fi 6
  • Has accurate color representation and covers 97% of the sRGB color gamut with our gaming and web design profile (BOE NE156QHM-NY4 (BOE0A2D)).
  • Quick-thinking panel (BOE NE156QHM-NY4 (BOE0A2D)) with quick responses
  • has many ports
  • fantastic input methods
  • Even after extended gaming sessions, the keyboard doesn’t get too hot.
  • excellent construction
Thing that could be Improved
  • No SD card
  • Costs Increasingly Expensive


Lenovo Legion 5 is it good?

As a workstation, the Lenovo Legion 5 performs admirably. It is available with strong CPUs and GPUs that can handle 3D rendering, programming, or video editing etc. Under stress, the fans become quite loud, but the CPU and GPU don’t appear to be throttled, which is excellent for prolonged, intense workloads.

Is Legion 5 an improvement over Dell G15?

The Lenovo Legion 5 Gen 6 15 (2021) and the Dell G15 (2022) are comparable to one another. Because of its far more robust construction, superior keyboard and touchpad, and greater variety of ports, the Lenovo outperforms the competition in terms of user experience.

Is the Lenovo Legion 5 superior to the HP Omen?

For a larger price, the legion offers a more secure design, improved performance, and still fantastic thermals and battery life.


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