Lenovo Legion: Flagship Gaming laptops got a new standard

For the past few years manufacturers have been trying to make the best gaming laptops for performance and reliability. Lenovo legion is pioneer in the segment with top notch performance as well as long lasting durability. They are pushing the limits of what gaming laptops can do and make the user experience better day by day. That is why Lenovo legion is considered amongst the first choice of every gamer and content creators.

Lenovo Legion 5 2022

Lenovo refreshed their most popular gaming laptop series with newer look and design with the same beast performance inside. They announced legion 5 and legion 5i models with latest AMD Ryzen 6000 series and Intel’s latest 12th gen processors. They upgraded the motherboard also for the support of DDR5 4800MHz Ram and Gen 4 SSD with Wifi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 combo. The display can be configured upto 165 Hz QHD 2560×1440 which aspect ratio is 16:9. The IPS panel has 300 nits brightness with Gsync enabled. It will pack with the latest NVidia RTX graphics cards with MUX switch and Optimus support.

Lenovo Legion 5 pro 2022

Last year Lenovo surprised everyone with their legion 5 pro lineup with the new display features which is becoming current standards for flagship gaming laptops. This year Lenovo released the same model with specs bump and subtle chance in design. Legion 5 pro and legion 5i pro will contain latest AMD Ryzen 6000 series and Intel’s latest 12th gen processors.

Support for new DDR5 4800MHz ram and Gen 4 SSD with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 combo will be there. Display aspect ratio is same as last year 16:10 with the resolution of QHD 2560×1600. The refresh rate jumps from 165hz to 240hz this year. The IPS panel has 500 nits brightness with Gsync and Free sync enabled. It will pack with the latest NVidia RTX graphics cards with MUX switch and Optimus support with TDP upto 165 watt!

Legion 5 vs Legion 5 pro

Some key feature makes legion 5 and legion 5 pro different. Though there is not much difference in performance, the following comparison will help you choose which one will be perfect for you.

Models Legion 5 pro Legion 5
Build Has full metal build Has solid build with metal and plastic mix
Logo lighting Logo on the back lights up Doesn’t have backlight Logo
Display 16” Display 16:10 aspect ratio 15.6” Display 16:9 display aspect ratio
Brightness 500 nits 300 nits
HDR support Dolby vison HDR No
Display opening angle 130° 180°
GPU max power (TDP) Upto 140 watt Upto 130 watt

Intel’s new 12th gen processors

In 2022 Intel shook the market with their new 12th gen processor which codename is Alder Lake. They introduced new hybrid architecture which empowers performance as well as efficiency.

The 12th gen processor has upto 16 physical cores and 24 threads. They introduced performance cores to boost the max output possible from the CPU and efficient cores to provide the best battery backup on regular usage.

Max specs of new Intel 12th gen processor (i9-12950HX)

  • Total Cores 16
  • Performance-cores 8
  • Efficient-cores 8
  • Total Threads 24
  • Max Turbo Frequency 00 GHz
  • Efficient-core Max Turbo Frequency 60 GHz
  • Cache 30 MB
  • Processor Base Power 55 W
  • Maximum Turbo Power 157 W
  • Minimum Assured Power 45 W

Ryzen 6000 Series Processors

AMD upgraded their Ryzen series processor to one step ahead with the introduction of 6000 series in 2022. With the launch of 6 nanometer laptop processors AMD now leading the market in the nanometer game.

It helped them to increase the power efficiency as well as battery life. They also introduced new RDNA 2 laptop igpu which is even faster than NVidia mx series graphics cards.

Max specs of new AMD 6000 series processor (Ryzen 9 6900HX)

    • Total Cores                                                    8
    • Total Threads                                                16
    • Max Turbo Frequency                                   5.00 GHz
    • Base Clock                                                    3.3GHz
    • Cache                                                            16 MB
    • Default TDP                                                   45 W

Beast in Performance; Cool Inside

Legion has one of the best cooling systems out there for a powerful gaming laptop. It can run on max clock speed with zero thermal throttling for hours. With the intelligent thermal design which has four exhaust systems with dual fans makes the airflow easier.

Fan speed and voltage can be controlled by Lenovo Q Control app to make customizable environment to get the best performance and battery life. Liquid metal cooling in both CPU and GPU helps to reduce the heat even faster.

Does 2022 Model Legion Have MUX Switch?

Current gaming laptops transmit frames from the GPU through the CPU’s integrated graphics before reaching the display. This method offers better battery life as it doesn’t use dedicated GPU all time. But it prevents the dedicated GPU from producing its full capable performance.

Lenovo brings MUX switch to all of its Legion series laptops released in 2022. This is great for competitive games who can switch to a direct GPU mode using MUX switch which reduces latency and boosts performance significantly.

Lenovo Legion Price in BD

The most favorite Lenovo legion models in Bangladesh are Legion 5 and Legion 5 pro. Legion Slim 7 and the top tier Legion 7 is also very popular in Bangladesh. Lenovo legion 5 price starts from 122,000/- BDT  taka in the Bangladesh market. Here is a list of some Lenovo Legion Price in BD:

Models Price
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ARH7H | 2022 Model | ( Ryzen 7 6800H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX3070 8GB, W11 )  227,000/- BDT
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro | 2021 Model | ( Ryzen 7-5800H, 16GB, 1TB SSD, RTX3070 8GB, W10 ) out of stock
2021 Lenovo Legion 7 ( Ryzen™ 9 5900HX, 32GB, 1TB SSD, RTX 3080 16GB, W10) 345,000
Lenovo Legion 5 15IAH7H | 2022 Model | ( I7-12700H, 16GB, 512GB SSD, RTX 3060 6GB, W11 ) 209,000
Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH7H | 2022 Model | ( Ryzen 7 6800H, 16GB, 512GB SSD, RTX3060 6GB, W11 ) 194,900
Legion 5 | 2021 Model | ( Ryzen 5 5600H, 8GB, 512GB SSD, RTX 3050Ti 4GB, W11 ) 139,900

Which is better Legion 5 or Pavilion?

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15 is outperformed by the Lenovo Legion 5. The Lenovo is more robustly constructed, has a superior keyboard, and offers more port options. The two laptops’ configuration possibilities are comparable, however the Lenovo offers a QHD display option and more expensive GPUs such an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and an AMD Radeon RX 6600M. The HP laptop lacks a MUX switch, whereas the Lenovo laptop has one.

Is Lenovo Legion 5 Ram and SSD Upgradeable?

Yes you can upgrade your Ram and SSD according to your need. Variant wise Legion laptop can be upgraded upto 64GB Ram and 4TB SSD.

Does Legion Laptop Have RGB Keyboard?

Legion laptop’s have amazing nice looking 4-Zone RGB LED backlit keyboard.

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People also ask for

Is the Lenovo legion 5 upgradeable?

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade the RAM up to 32GB.

What is the price range of the Lenovo legion 5 in Bangladesh?

Ans: Lenovo legion 5 Price in Bangladesh starts from 129,000/- BDT and the highest price is 213,000/- BDT only at Computer Mania BD.

What is the Price for Lenovo legion 5 base model?

Ans: The base model for Lenovo Legion 5 Price will start from 129,000/- BDT and it is the Intel variant.

What is the price range for Lenovo legion 5 pro gaming laptop in bd?

Ans: The Lenovo legion 5 Pro Price in BD starts from 157,000/- BDT and the highest price is up to 289,000/- BDT only at Computer Mania BD.

What is the Price for Lenovo legion 5 Pro base model?

Ans: The Lenovo legion 5 pro base model price starts from 157,000/- BDT.

Does Lenovo legion 5 support RGB keyboard?

Ans: Yes. Some of the Lenovo legion 5 and 5 pro models has supports 4-Zone RGB Backlit Keyboard.

Is the Lenovo Legion 5 worth it?

Ans: Yes. Obviously, this is the best choice to have a Legion 5 for gaming or streaming. You will get the best performance with this laptop and also the build quality, looks just awesome.