Apple 2021 & 2022 M1 Chip Products:

Computer Mania BD brings all the official apple products with the official warranty that apple provides. But the signature lineup of apple products in Computer Mania BD is the MacBooks. Both MacBook of Intel and M1 chip Apple 2021 variants are available in our shop.

Even IPad iPhone and other apple accessories are also available in computer mania BD. some other listed official products that computer many ability sales are the magic mouse 2, Apple Watch series is 3,4,5,6 and special editions as well.


Apple 2021 Model

When out of stock we basically take preorders to provide this official apple product within a very short period. all the products that computer many BD sales which are from apple at the authentic official products and Mac books 13-inch 15-inch order 16 inch which will you buy are the inactive and brand new products with the international apple warranty.

if you consider the price of apple products in Bangladesh with official warranty that computer mania provide from apple is the lowest comparatively any other shops in Bangladesh. so purchasing apple products like MacBook Air or MacBook Pro computer mania is a place of trust.

Apple is the American multinational company. their journey begins in 1976 when apple computers was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wonzniak and goes all the way through 2021.

In 1976 apple first introduced their own personal computer. in 1977 apple two was released. in December 1980 apple conducts an initial public offering of 4.5 million shares at $22 per share only. in January 1983 apple introduces the Lisa a new brand for personal computer.

On January 22 1994 the Macintosh computer is introduced which futuristic commercial that alters during the Super bowl. in 1985 apple discontinues Lisa after the disappointing run and jobs leaves the company. in 1996 apple buys jobs company next software. and in 1997 in the wake of corporate stick ups and a sales slump apple welcomes job back as interim CEO.

In 1998 the iMac is team lent personal computer debut. in 2000 Steve Jobs become the permanent CEO F apple. in January 9 2001 ITunes were introduced and in October 23 2001 the iPod MP3 player makes its first run.

In January 2003 apple releases the safari web browser and introduces iTunes music store. January 2006 apple rolls out its first Intel based computers the iMac and MacBook Pro.

And here the condition gets interesting. computer mania Billy also bought the official MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from that time and it was they are fast initiative to us bringing authentic apple products in Bangladesh.

In 2008 apple launches MacBook Air 2008 its thinnest notebook ever. and in 2010 first iPad was announced. add June 8 2015 apple unveils apple music streaming music service live radio station and social network.

On December 28 2017 apple apologizes to customers for how it rolled out an update that can slow down older phones. August 2 2018 apple becomes the first American public company to surpass one trillion USD in value.

Apple releases a lot of lineup for their devices. it’s a kind of ecosystem that people use for their daily drivers. among them MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are the most popular and for daily calls people choose the iPhones most.

In computer many ability you can get authentic apple products like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro within very reasonable price comparatively lower than any other shops in Bangladesh.

Don’t forget that computer many BD provide official apple warranty usually which is one year for every MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. we always try to keep the price of this MacBook Air or MacBook Pro within the reach of common people in Bangladesh and which is a very similar to the international pricing of this notebooks.

if we consider the lineup of MacBook Air then it is the primary section of MacBook. it is much lower than the pro version of Mac books but it can do daily works even heavy works pretty easily. the slim and a light fusion of the notebooks of MacBook Air lineup add peoples priority in 2021.

Specially after the release of MacBook M1 cheap MacBook Air got popular even in Bangladesh people from computer mania BD purchased MacBook Air with m1 chipa lot. MacBook Air is lighter in weight than the pro version and capable of doing heavy video editing as well. and build quality of this laptops are as solid as any other devices that apple introduces.

then we consider the MacBook Pro lineup which is the highest or top-notch product end laptop from apple. this MacBook Pro mainly got better hardware segment and attach bar which distinguishes these from the MacBook Air lineup. MacBook Pro at pricier than MacBook Air but capable of doing heavy workloads like long time video rendering and others. solid finishing and good build quality is the premium structure of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

people who want a lighter device and want to work on the go for them computer many obidi have premium iPad segments. even in 2021 we can see iPad m1 chip. so we can say that in computer mania PD you can get plenty of options to choose apple devices.

even you are worried about phone calls then we are glad to say that in computer mania BD you can get all latest released IPhones as well.

build quality and premium Ness of apple devices is known to all. there is nothing to add match in this segment but if you buy apple devices from computer mania VD then we can assure you that you will get the best reasonable pricing for official warranty products like MacBook Air or MacBook Pro., and we always try to serve the best for our honorable customers all the time.


1. What is the price of MacBook in Bangladesh?

= MacBook Pro Price in Bangladesh Starts at 119900/- BDT.

2.What is the price of the MacBook Air in Bangladesh?

= MacBook Air Price in Bangladesh Starts at 106900/- BDT.

3.Which MacBook is the cheapest?

= MacBook Air is the cheapest. Macbook Air 13 M1 2021- 8GB | 256GB | 7-Core GPU – Price 106900/- BDT.

4. Is MacBook good for gaming?

= MacBook is not a Gaming Laptop. So MacBook is not good for Gaming But You can Play Games in New MacBook M1 Chip.

5. Is MacBook air good for programming?

= Apple MacBook is one of the best laptops for programming.

Apple Laptop Price in BD

Some Apple Laptop Price List Price in BD
Apple MacBook Pro 14 || 14-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display Space Gray ( Apple M1 Pro Chip,16GB ,512GB,14-Core GPU, macOS) 2,15,900 BDT
Apple MacBook Pro 16 || 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display Space Gray ( Apple M1 Max Chip, 32GB, 1TB SSD,32-core GPU, macOS) 3,85,000 BDT
Apple Macbook Pro 13 || 13-inch Display Silver( Apple M1 Chip, 8GB, 512GB, 8-core GPU, macOS ) 139,900 BDT
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