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Lenovo Group Limited, frequently abbreviated to Lenovo (/lnovo/l-NOH-voh, Chinese), is a Chinese global innovation organization represents considerable authority in planning, assembling, and showcasing shopper gadgets, PCs, programming, business arrangements, and related administrations.

Items fabricated by the organization incorporate PCs, PCs, tablet PCs, cell phones, workstations, waiters, supercomputers, electronic capacity gadgets, IT the board programming, and shrewd TVs.

Its most popular brands incorporate IBM’s ThinkPad business line of PCs, IdeaPad, Yoga, and Legion shopper lines of PCs, the Idea Centre and ThinkCentre lines of PCs. As of January 2021, Lenovo is the world’s biggest PC seller by unit sales.

Lenovo was established in Beijing on 1 November 1984 as Legend by a group of specialists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At first spend significant time in TVs, the organization relocated towards assembling and advertising PCs.

Lenovo developed to turn into the market chief in China and brought almost US$30 million up in a first sale of stock in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since the 1990s, Lenovo has progressively broadened from the PC market and made various corporate acquisitions, with the most prominent is securing and incorporating the greater part of IBM’s PC business and its Intel-based server business also making its own smartphone.

Lenovo has activities in more than 60 nations and sells its items in around 180 countries. [citation needed] Its worldwide base camp is situated in Beijing, China, while its functional central command is in Morrisville, North Carolina, US.

It has research focuses in Beijing, Chengdu, Yamato (Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan), Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Morrisville (North Carolina, US),[10] and furthermore has Lenovo NEC Holdings, a joint endeavor with NEC that produces PCs for the Japanese market. IBM’S Think-line are only evolved in Yamato and in Morrisville.

1984-1993: Founding and early history

Liu Chanzi, alongside a gathering of ten experienced specialists, authoritatively established Lenovo in Beijing on November 1, 1984, with 200,000 yuan. The Chinese government-endorsed Lenovo’s fuse around the same time. Jia Xuhui, one of the authors of Lenovo, showed that the primary gathering in anticipation of beginning the organization was hung on October 17 that very year.

Eleven individuals, the sum of the underlying staff, joined in. Every one of the authors was an individual from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The 200,000 yuan utilized as start-up capital was supported by Zeng Machaon. The name for the organization settled upon at this gathering was the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Technology Research Institute New Technology Development Company.

Thinkpad E15 in BD

Thinkpad E15 in BD

The authoritative design of the organization was set up in 1985 after the Chinese New Year. It incorporated an innovation, designing, managerial, and office departments.[11] The gathering originally endeavored to import TVs yet fizzled. It revamped itself as an organization doing quality minds PCs. It likewise fell flat to showcase an advanced watch. In 1990, Lenovo began to fabricate and advertise PCs utilizing its own image name.

In May 1988, Lenovo put its first enlistment ad on the first page of the China Youth News. Such advertisements were very uncommon in China at that point. Out of the 500 respondents, 280 were chosen to take a composed business test.

120 of these applicants were met face to face. Although questioners at first just had position to enlist 16 individuals, 58 were given offers. The new staff included 18 individuals with advanced educations, 37 with college degrees, and three understudies with no college level schooling. Their normal age was 26. Yang Yeaning, the current administrator and CEO of Lenovo, was among that group.

Liu Chanzi got government consent to frame an auxiliary in Hong Kong and to move there alongside five different representatives. Liu’s dad, currently in Hong Kong, promoted his child’s aspirations through tutoring and working with advances. Liu moved to Hong Kong in 1988. To set aside cash during this period, Liu and his colleagues strolled as opposed to taking public transportation. To keep up appearances, they leased lodgings for meetings.

Thinkpad E15

Thinkpad E15

A portion of the organization’s initial victories incorporated the KT8920 centralized server computer. It likewise fostered a circuit board that permitted IBM-viable PCs to handle Chinese characters.

1994-1998: IPO, Second contributions and bond deals

Lenovo (referred to at the time as Legend) turned out to be public after a 1994 Hong Kong IPO that raised almost US$30 million. Prior to the IPO, numerous investigators were hopeful with regards to Lenovo. On its first day of exchanging, the organization’s stock value hit a high of HK$2.07 and shut at HK$2.00. Continues from the contribution were utilized to back deals workplaces in Europe, North America and Australia, to extend and further develop creation and innovative work, and to expand working capital.

By 1996, Lenovo was the market chief in China and started selling its own laptop. By 1998 it held 43% of the homegrown PC piece of the pie in China, selling around 1,000,000 computers.

Lenovo delivered its Tianqi PC in 1998. Intended to make it simple for unpracticed Chinese buyers to utilize PCs and access the web, one of its most significant highlights was a button that immediately associated clients to the web and opened the Web program. It was co-marked with China Telecom, and it was packaged with one year of Internet administration. The Tianxi was delivered in 1998. It was the consequence of two years of innovative work. It had a pastel-hued, shell-molded case and a seven-port USB center point under its screen. Starting at 2000, the Tianxi was the smash hit PC in Chinese history. It sold in excess of 1,000,000 units in 2000 alone.

1999-2010: IBM buy and offer of cell phone division

To finance its proceeded with development, Lenovo gave an auxiliary contribution of 50 million offers on the Hong Kong market in March 2000 and raised with regards to US$212 million.[11] It rebranded to the name Lenovo in 2003 and started making acquisitions to extend the company.

Lenovo procured IBM’s PC business in 2005, including the ThinkPad PC and tablet lines. Lenovo’s obtaining of IBM’s PC division sped up admittance to unfamiliar business sectors while working on both Lenovo’s marking and technology.

They paid US$1.25 billion for IBM’s PC business and expected an extra US$500 million of IBM’s obligation. This obtaining made Lenovo the third-biggest PC creator worldwide by volume.

Lenovo’s acquisition of the Think line from IBM likewise prompted the formation of the IBM/Lenovo association which cooperates in the making of Think-line of items sold by Lenovo

Legion 5 White

Legion 5 White

With respect to the acquisition of IBM’s PC division, Liu Chuanzhi said in 2012 “We benefited in three ways from the IBM obtaining. We got the ThinkPad brand, IBM’s further developed PC fabricating innovation and the organization’s worldwide assets, for example, its worldwide deals channels and activity groups.

These three components have supported our business income in the beyond a few years.”[18] individuals of ThinkPad workstations and Think Center work areas turned out to be important for the Lenovo group. Not just the brand, Lenovo additionally possessed the honor engineers producing group and so on

Notwithstanding Lenovo obtaining the “Think” brand from IBM, IBM Still plays a key Indirect/Background job in the plan and creation of the Think line of items. IBM today is answerable for regulating adjusting and fix focus’ and is viewed as an approved merchant/refurbished of the Think line of items created by Lenovo.

IBM likewise obtained a half shareholding in Lenovo in 2005 as a feature of Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s individualized computing division.

Mary Ma, Lenovo’s CFO from 1990 to 2007, was responsible for financial backer relations. Under her administration, Lenovo effectively incorporated Western-style responsibility into its corporate culture.

Lenovo’s accentuation on straightforwardness acquired it standing for the best corporate administration among central area Chinese firms. All significant issues regarding its board, the executives, significant offer exchanges, and consolidations and acquisitions were decently and precisely reported.

[citation needed] While Hong Kong-recorded firms were simply needed to give monetary reports two times a year, Lenovo followed the worldwide standard of giving quarterly reports.

Lenovo made a review board of trustees and a pay advisory group with non-administration chiefs. The organization began roadshows two times every year to meet institutional financial backers.

Mama coordinated the very first financial backer relations meeting held in central area China. The meeting was held in Beijing in 2002 and broadcast on China Central Television (CCTV). Liu and Ma co-facilitated the meeting, and both gave addresses on corporate governance.

Lenovo sold its cell phone and tablet division in 2008 for US$100 million to zero in on PCs and afterward paid US$200 million to repurchase it in November 2009. As of 2009, the portable division positioned third as far as unit share in China’s versatile handset market.

Lenovo put CN100 million in an asset committed to giving seed financing to versatile application improvement for its LeGarden online application store. Starting at 2010, LeGarden had in excess of 1,000 projects accessible for the LePhone. Simultaneously, LeGarden counted 2,774 individual designers and 542 engineer organizations as individuals.

2011 2013: Re-entering cell phone market and different endeavors

Legion 5 2020 Model

Legion 5 2020 Model

On January 27, 2011, Lenovo framed a joint dare to deliver PCs with Japanese hardware firm NEC. The organizations said in an explanation that they would build up another organization called Lenovo NEC Holdings, to be enrolled in the Netherlands. NEC got US$175 million in Lenovo stock. Lenovo was to possess a 51% stake in the joint endeavor, while NEC would have 49%. Lenovo has a five-year choice to extend its stake in the joint venture.

This joint endeavor was planned to help Lenovo’s overall deals by extending its essence in Japan, a critical market for PCs. NEC turned off its PC business into the joint endeavor.

Starting at 2010, NEC controlled around 20% of Japan’s market for PCs while Lenovo had a 5% offer. Lenovo and NEC likewise consented to investigate coordinating in different regions, for example, waiters and tablet computers.

Roderick Lappin, administrator of the Lenovo NEC joint endeavor, let the press know that the two organizations will extend their co-activity to incorporate the advancement of tablet computers.

In June 2011, Lenovo declared that it intended to procure control of Median, a German gadget fabricating organization. Lenovo said the obtaining would twofold its portion of the German PC market, making it the third-biggest merchant by deals (after Acer and Hewlett-Packard).

The arrangement, which shut in the second from last quarter of that very year, was guaranteed by The New York Times as “the first wherein a Chinese organization gained a notable German company.

This securing will give Lenovo 14% of the German PC market. Gerd Brachman, administrator of Median, consented to sell 66% of his 60% stake in the organization. He will be paid in real money for 80% of the offers and will get 20% in Lenovo stock. That would give him around one percent of Lenovo.

Legion 5 2020 Model

Legion 5 2020 Model

In September 2012, Lenovo consented to secure the Brazil-based gadgets organization Digi bras, which sells items under the brand-name CCE, at a base cost of 300 million reals (US$148 million) in a blend of stock and money.

An extra installment of 400 million reals was made ward upon execution benchmarks.[28][29] Prior to its securing of CCE, Lenovo previously settled a $30 million plant in Brazil, however Lenovo’s administration had felt that they required a nearby accomplice to augment local development.

Lenovo referred to their longing to exploit expanded deals because of the 2014 World Cup that would be facilitated by Brazil and the 2016 Summer Olympics and CCE’s standing for quality.[30] Following the obtaining, Lenovo declared that its ensuing acquisitions would be gathered in programming and administrations.

In September 2012, Lenovo consented to secure the United States-based programming organization Stoneware, in its first programming procurement.

The exchange was relied upon to nearby the finish of 2012; no monetary subtleties have been disclosed.[32][33] Lenovo said that the organization was procured to get sufficiently close to innovation and that Stoneware isn’t relied upon to fundamentally influence profit.

More explicitly, Stoneware was gained to additional Lenovo’s endeavors to improve and grow its distributed computing administrations.

For the two years preceding its procurement, Stoneware collaborated with Lenovo to sell its product. During this period Stoneware’s deals multiplied. Stoneware was established in 2000. As of September 2012, Stoneware is situated in Carmel, Indiana and has 67 employees.

Lenovo reemerged the cell phone market in 2012 and immediately turned into the biggest seller of cell phones in central area China.[36] Entry into the cell phone market was combined with a difference in system from “the one-size-fits-all” to an assorted arrangement of devices.

These progressions were driven by the prominence of Apple’s iPhone and Lenovo’s longing to build its piece of the pie in central area China. Lenovo outperformed Apple Inc. to turn into the No. 2 supplier of cell phones in the homegrown Chinese market in 2012. However, due to there being around 100 cell phone brands sold in China, this second simply compared to a 10.4% market share.

In May 2012, Lenovo declared a venture of US$793 million in the development of a cell phone assembling and R&D office in Wuhan, Hubei.

In 2013, Lenovo made a joint endeavor with EMC named Lenovo. The endeavor assumed control over Iomega’s business and rebranded each of Iomega’s items under the Lenovo brand, and planned items for little and medium-sized organizations that couldn’t bear the cost of big business class information storage. Lenovo has since resigned all the Lenovo items on their item page prompting that the items are presently not accessible for buy on

2014 present: Purchase of IBM server lines and different acquisitions

IBMs sold its Intel-based server lines, including IBM System x and IBM Blade Center, to Lenovo in 2014. Lenovo says it will get to more endeavor clients, further develop its overall revenues, and foster a nearer relationship with Intel, the producer of most server processors, through its securing of IBM’s x86-put together server business.

With respect to 1 October 2014, Lenovo shut its procurement of IBM’s server division, with the last value put at $2.1 billion. Lenovo said this obtaining came in at a value lower than the recently reported $2.3 billion to some extent in view of an adjustment of the worth of IBM inventories.

The arrangement has been as of now endorsed by Europe, China and the United States. The United States Department of Treasury Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) was supposedly the last obstacle for Lenovo, since the United States has the strictest arrangements.

As per Timothy Prickett-Morgan from Enterprise Tech, the arrangement is standing by “endorsement of controllers in China, the European Commission, and Canada”.

After shutting, Lenovo said that its objective was to turn into the world’s biggest creator of servers. Lenovo likewise declared designs to begin coordinating IBM’s workforce. The securing added around 6,500 new representatives to Lenovo.

Lenovo said that it has no prompt purpose to eliminate positions. Lenovo said that situations in innovative work and client confronting jobs, for example, advertising would be “100% secured”, however anticipated “justification” of its inventory network and acquisition.

On 29 January 2014, Google declared it would offer Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for US$2.91 billion. As of February 2014, Google possessed around 5.94% of Lenovo’s stock.

The arrangement included cell phone lines like the Moto X, Moto G, Droid Turbo, and the future Motorola Mobility item guide, while Google held the Advanced Technologies and Projects unit and everything except 2,000 of the organization’s patents.

Lenovo gotten sovereignty free licenses to every one of the licenses held by Google. Lenovo got endorsement from the European Union for its procurement of Motorola in June 2014.

The securing was finished on 30 October 2014. Motorola Mobility remained settled in Chicago, and kept on utilizing the Motorola brand, however Liu Jun, leader of Lenovo’s cell phone business, turned into the top of the company.

In April 2014, Lenovo bought an arrangement of licenses from NEC identified with versatile innovation. These included more than 3,800 patent families in nations all throughout the planet. The buy included principles fundamental licenses for 3G, and LTE cell advancements and different licenses identified with cell phones and tablets.

In May 2015, Lenovo uncovered another logo at Lenovo Tech World in Beijing, with the motto “Advancement Never Stands Still” (Chinese). Lenovo’s new logo, made by Saatchi, can be changed by its publicizing offices and deals accomplices, inside limitations, to fit the unique situation.

It has a relaxing “e” and is encircled by a container that can be changed to utilize a pertinent scene, strong shading, or photo. Lenovo’s Chief Marketing Officer David Roman said, “When we initially began taking a gander at it, it wasn’t about an adjustment of typography or the appearance of the logo.

We inquired as to whether ‘we truly are a net-driven, client driven organization, what should the logo resemble?’ We thought of the possibility of an advanced logo first intended to be utilized on the web and versatile to context.”

Toward the beginning of June 2015, Lenovo declared designs to sell up to US$650 million out of five-year bonds designated in Chinese yuan. The bonds were sold in Hong Kong with coupon going from 4.95% to 5.05%.

This is just the second offer of bonds in Lenovo’s set of experiences. Monetary reporters noticed that Lenovo was paying a premium to list the bonds in yuan given somewhat low expenses for acquiring in US dollars.

They said that its x86 servers will be accessible to all its channel accomplices. Lenovo plans to reduce costs on x86 items to acquire market share. This goes in union with IBM’s vision of things to come around cloud advancements and their own POWER processor engineering.

Lenovo’s obtaining of IBM’s organizations is seemingly one of the best contextual analyses on blending gigantic global undertakings. However, this securing in 2005 eventually brought about progress, the joining of the organizations had a troublesome and testing starting.

Lenovo had representatives from various societies, various foundations, and distinctive languages.[60] These distinctions caused misconceptions, hampering trust and the capacity to construct another corporate culture.

Toward the finish of its initial two years, Lenovo Group had met many its unique difficulties, remembering incorporating two different societies for the recently framed organization, keeping up with the Think brand picture for quality and development, and further developing inventory network and assembling efficiencies.

However, Lenovo had neglected to meet a vital goal of the consolidation: utilizing the joined strength of the two organizations to develop volume and market share. In request to make progress, Lenovo embraced enhance at various levels-plan of action, culture, and ability.

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