Lenovo Yoga Price in BD 2021

Lenovo Yoga (adapted as Lenovo YOGA or basically YOGΛ) is a line of shopper situated laptops, notebooks designed, created and promoted by Lenovo, named for their capacity to expect numerous structure factors because of a pivoted screen.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

History of Yoga

Basically from the very beginning there are a lots of models of Lenovo Yoga are being released. If we go through the history the first released Yoga Series laptops was the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 and Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11 which was released in 2012.

Then 2013 we saw ThinkPad Yoga, Lenovo Yoga 2 11, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and Ideapad Yoga 11s. Here we should mention that Yoga 2 Pro was first successful laptop line up from Yoga series with good price range.

The Yoga 2 Pro is a Ultrabook-class gadget. It weighs 3.1 pounds, is 0.61 inch thick and has tightened edges, giving it an appearance more like an ordinary ultrabook PC versus the prior model’s “book-like” even plan.

The Yoga 2 Pro highlights a 360-Degree Flip-and-Fold plan that incorporates four modes—PC, stand, tablet, and tent mode and has an unpretentious elastic trim around the edge of its top half to forestall slipping on hard surfaces when intent mode.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

It accompanies an illuminated Accu Type console and highlights sound system speakers with Dolby Home Theater. In contrast to prior Yoga items, the home catch has a touch-key on the base focus of the showcase. Lenovo moved the force button away from the front and to the side to forestall unintentional key presses.

Then in 2014 we saw Lenovo Idea pad Yoga Tablet, Lenovo Yoga 3 and Lenovo Yoga 3 pro. If we consider the price range and customer response the Lenovo Yoga 3 pro was a cool laptop of that time indeed. The Yoga 3 Pro is flimsy Broad well-based 13.3-inch touchscreen PC with a pivot that considers use as a tablet and different setups.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

It utilizes Intel Core M processors and comes standard with strong state drives. Its screen has 3200 pixel by 1800 pixel goal and is multitouch capable. It is 13 millimeters thick. The Yoga 3 Pro’s pivot varies fundamentally from the Yoga 2 Pro. The new all-metal pivot is alluded to by Lenovo as a “watchband”.

It is substantially less cumbersome and structures a consistent bended shape from the frame of the PC to the lower part of the screen. It has six mounting focuses rather than two for a stronger feel and primary strength.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

In 2015 we saw from the Yoga series a laptop with Active pen support which is Yoga Tablet 2 with any pen. And Yoga 300 was also a good laptop considering the form factor and everything. The Yoga 300 is a fundamental convertible Ultrabook-class gadget.

In certain nations, it is renamed as Flex 3. The yoga 300 is a spending form for Yoga class. It turned into the most moderate Yoga Series. With just 11.6 inch show, it is otherwise called the littlest Yoga PC however it is very hefty with 1.39 kilograms of weight.

It utilizes Intel Celeron processors, incorporated illustrations, 500-gigabyte hard drive or a 1-terabyte hard drive, and up to 8 gigabytes of RAM. It utilizes a 30 watt-hour battery which can remain until 5 hours. For network, it has one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and one full-sized HDMI port. This gadget has High Definition show with 1366×768 pixel.

Yoga Series

In the year 2019 we saw some cool line up from Yoga series. Yoga C640, Yoga C740 and Yoga C940 are some customer favorite Yoga laptop lineup. The Yoga C940 is the lead of this arrangement. Developing the C930’s sound bar pivot, this model extends it and permits a solitary pivot framework, which improves sound quality. Equipped with a 60WhR battery like a year’s model permits you to expect a battery life of up to 17h on the 1080p model and 10H on the 4K model.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

In 2021 we got the Yoga Slime 7 which features AMD Ryzen’s 4000 series CPU and weight is only 1.4 KG. This laptop provides great battery backup around 14 hour.

Now come to the main point. All the Models of Lenovo Yoga series laptops were available in Computer Mania BD and latest released ones are also available in Computer Mania BD including Yoga C series and slim series laptops.

Most importantly in Computer Mania BD you can get these laptops with official warranty coverage by Lenovo and the best Competitive price compared to any other shops in Bangladesh. In one word Computer Mania BD sells Lenovo Yoga series laptops with official warranty and best price range any one can get from Bangladesh.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

In Bangladesh especially for Lenovo YOGA selling segment Computer mania is in number one position. But for buying purpose our customers see huge price differences among the laptops in different shops in Bangladesh. Different variants of Lenovo Yoga has different price but most importantly market price study is the most important thing before going to purchase any laptops as the price of the laptops varies highly one shop to another.

In some unknown shops you may find the product in a bit lower price but there is always issue with the authenticity of the product as well as after sales warranty issue. So just seeing the price a bit less don’t make wrong decision to buy from those shop.

Lenovo yoga C940 in BD

On the other hand there are also some well know shops in Bangladesh who sells Lenovo Yoga series laptops in way too high price prioritizing more profit.  If we go through the retail market of laptops in Bangladesh price fluctuates a lot.

In most of these shops the price of Lenovo Yoga series laptops are very high and in some of the shops where you can find  comparatively at cheaper rate but there are some issues with product like warranty support as well as after sells services.

As price of Lenovo Yoga varies from one shop to another, users often get confused to find the right place where to get the authentic product with reasonable price. In some of the shops in Bangladesh the price of Lenovo Yoga Laptops are insanely high with terrible after sales service.

And other thing is that just seeking for lower price of the product never go to unknown shops where you may get better size but ultimately there is a change of getting a refurbished or unauthentic product while buying products from unknown shops.

Lenovo Yoga Price in Bangladesh 2021

In Computer Mania BD starting price of the price of the Lenovo Yoga series laptops starts from 79K which is the most reasonable price with official warranty that Lenovo provides for Lenovo Yoga seires core i5 8th generation laptop with MX 250 GPU. On the other hand the highest specified model of Lenovo YOGA C940 will cost around 230K from Computer Mania BD.

Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo Yoga

As Computer Mania BD gives the priority to their customers most they always try to keep to price as low as possible. These prices of Lenovo Yoga series laptops are not fixed and may change according to international pricing of the product and there are also some special launch time prices for your favorite Computer Mania only. Lenovo Yoga price in BD Starts from 76500/- BDT.

Lenovo Yoga C740

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