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 Dell XPS 15 Price in BD Market Overview 2021

Dell XPS price condition in BD

Dell XPS 15 9500 4K Display

There are many shops in Bangladesh that sell Dell XPS 15. We can find gradual price differences among them. Different variants of Dell XPS based on its specification mainly the price difference occurs. If we go through the retail market for laptops in Bangladesh price fluctuates a lot.

In most of these shops the price of Dell XPS 15 are very high and in some of the shops where you can find Dell XPS 15 at a cheaper rate but there are some issues with a product like warranty support as well as after sells services. As the price of Dell XPS 15 varies from one shop to another, users often get confused to find the right place where to get the authentic product at a reasonable price.

Dell XPS 15 Price in Bangladesh

Dell XPS 15 Price in Bangladesh

In some of the shops in Bangladesh, the price of Dell XPS 15 are ridiculously high with terrible after-sales service. And another thing is that just seeking the lower price of the product never goes to unknown shops where you may get a better size but ultimately there is a change of getting a refurbished or unauthentic product.


In Bangladesh, there are lots of shops which are selling Dell XPS 15 as we mentioned earlier. The price range in the case of Dell XPS 15 starts from 1,32,000 BDT for older generations mainly and goes up to 2,32,000 BDT. In different shops in Bangladesh offers different prices in case of Dell XPS 15 but exclusively in Computer Mania BD you can find Dell XPS 15 at the most reasonable price with official warranty support.

Dell XPS 15 price in BD

Dell XPS 15 price in BD 2021

As Computer Mania BD gives the priority to their customers most they always try to keep to price as low as possible. These prices of Dell XPS 15 are not definite and may change according to the international pricing of the product and other event special prices as well.

Short Summery of Dell Xps 15 price in Bangladesh

1. Dell XPS 15 7590 i7-9750H | 8GB | 256GB | FHD | GTX 1650 TK 139,900
2. Dell XPS 15 7590 i7-9750H | 16GB | 512GB | FHD | GTX 1650 TK 165,900
3. Dell XPS 15 7590 i7-9750H | 32GB | 1TB | FHD | GTX 1650 TK 185,000
4. Dell XPS 15 7590 i7-9750H | 16GB | 1TB | 4K/UHD/OLED | GTX 1650 TK 184,000
5. Dell XPS 15 7590 i9-9980HK | 32GB | 1TB | 4K/UHD/OLED | GTX 1650 TK       232,000

6. Dell XPS 15 9570 i5-8300H | 8GB | 256GB | FHD | Integrated TK   103,500
7. Dell XPS 15 9570 i7-8750H | 8GB | 256GB | FHD | GTX 1050Ti TK   134,000
8. Dell XPS 15 9570 i7-8750H | 16GB | 512GB | FHD | GTX 1050Ti TK           154,000
9. Dell XPS 15 9570 i7-8750H | 32GB | 1TB | 4K/UHD | GTX 1050Ti TK   185,000
10. Dell XPS 15 9570 i9-8950HK | 32GB | 1TB | 4K/UHD | GTX 1050Ti  TK  195,000

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Dell XPS 15 in Computer Mania BD

Computer Mania is a kind of shop where they give the effort caring about their customers and for this reason here you can find a variety of laptops for different kinds of users. As the first choice of the content creators is the Dell XPS, considering this in Computer Mania you can get every possible variant released by Dell of XPS series.

Dell XPS 15 price in BD

Even from the very first model of Dell XPS while it was released was available in Computer Mania only for the content creators. For XPS 15 you can go for the standard 15 version with FHD or with the 4K touch one. Even you can go with the XPS 15 2in1 version which also available at different specs exclusively at Computer Mania for you guys only.

Dell XPS 15 price in BD

***Check All XPS 15 Price in Computer Mania BD***

Warranty Support

As Computer Mania BD always provides genuine and official products directly from Manufacturers there is no hassle in case of warranty support. With Dell XPS 15 you will get the one year official Dell warranty which doesn’t cover any external damage oriented issue. So without any doubt, you can grab the best product with official warranty support form Computer Mania BD.

Dell XPS 15 price in BD

Dell XPS 15 according to International Reviewers 

According to Dave Lee, a tech reviewer said, “Dell XPS is overall a good productivity device”. Another tech reviewer Sandra Vogel said “Even at the entry-level price, the XPS 15 7590 is an expensive laptop.

Dell XPS 15 price in BD

Boost the configuration with an OLED screen, plus plenty of RAM and SSD storage, and you’re looking at a serious price tag. For that money, we think Dell should provide more connectivity options, and might also reconsider the chunky power brick with its tiny round-pin connector.

It’s a bit much to carry that as well as 1.8kg of laptop.” Rich Woods a popular tech article writer said, “The Dell XPS 15 is always one of my favorite laptops of the year because it has that just-right level of power. It comes with a 45W Intel Core processor and dedicated graphics, along with a beautiful 4K screen.” And from our point of view, Dell XPS 15 is the best laptop for content creators.

Dell XPS 15 price in BD

All content creators in one word keep Dell XPS series in their first choice. Dell XPS is the premium segment ultra-book manufactured by Dell which is mainly targeted towards content creators, especially those who need ultra-portability with powerful performance output.

There are different variants of Dell XPS 15. Some of them are FHD, some of them are 4k with touch support and some are 2 in 1’s. Different variants have a different configuration. Based on the configuration price also varies. It’s really up to the consumers to choose which configuration they need according to their price tag and what kind of performance output they need. Normally it is more powerful than the Dell XPS 13 series. As Dell XPS are premium segment ultra-books the price of these machines is normally superior.

Dell XPS 15 9500 4K Display

Dell XPS 15 9500 4K Display

If we go through the global price of these laptops we clearly see these are on the higher end but thanks to Computer Mania BD price of Dell XPS 15 are really tolerable compared to the global price. Of course price of Dell XPS 15’s are at higher-end which we compare with MacBook Pro but thanks to Computer Mania BD, they keep the price of Dell XPS 15 at a reasonable margin.

If we compare the price of Dell XPS 15 in BD with Computer Mania BD to other shops definitely we will see that we are offering the best possible price in BD. Even there are exclusive offers

like Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday sale, Year-End Sell, etc. where you may get an unbelievable price cut off sometimes. Even according to your need to can go with older generation XPS 15’s which are also very powerful ultra-books. On those versions, you can get huge price cut-offs from Computer Mania BD in most of the time.

Computer Mania BD offering a very reasonable price in BD for Dell XPS 15 with an official warranty which are dream ultra-books for creative professionals. So what are you waiting for?