Dell XPS 13 Plus 2023 Model

In Computer Mania BD new hot cake of the XPS, the lineup is currently available and all other models are coming back in ready stock very soon.

In this year 2023 Dell changed a lot with their XPS line up and we Computer Mania team think that the Dell XPS lineup will be one of the best-selling laptops of the year 2023, especially among the content creators and video editors who prefer to edit videos on the go.

Dell has rolled out another look XPS model, the XPS 13 Plus, with a significant number of the plan changes happening with the console and touchpad.

Dell XPS 13 Price in BD

Dell XPS 13 Plus 2022 Model

Out is any sign of where the touchpad is, with separating lines eliminated and Dell rather deciding to say it has a “consistent glass touchpad” that utilizes haptics to give criticism.

About the Consol

For the console, Dell has expanded the keycap size and significantly increased each vital’s dish on top to 0.3 millimeters, making a trip distance said to be 1 millimeter.

Up top, the customary line of capacity keys has been supplanted by a capacitive line that changes among media and capacity key lights as per whether the capacity lock is locked in.

In preparation with columnists, ranking director of the modern plan at Dell’s experience development bunch Nick DiLoreto clarified the trackpad is found in the “middle part of that enormous consistent piece of glass”, and said the capacitive line is unique compared to what Apple was trying to do with the recently dumped touch bar.

Dell XPS 13 Price in BD

Dell XPS 13 Plus 2022

“The arrangements are unique and they’re both attempting to achieve totally different objectives,” DiLoreto said. “Apple was attempting to bring greater usefulness into that area.

We were attempting to add greater effortlessness. Thus, why lights either to work keys or the media keys rely upon what the client picks.”

“This arrangement is slimmer than a regular capacitive key, so it was able to pack more power into essentially the same Z-shape as the previous framework.

“We had the opportunity to increase the overall power of the frame from its ancestors 15 watts to 28 watts.”

Battery Power

With that additional power and gratitude to bigger double fans, in the engine, the PCs sport twelfth-age Intel silicon – – either an i5-1240P, i7-1260P, i7-1270P, or i7-1280P – – showing up with up to 32GB of memory and 2TB of SSD stockpiling.

Purchasers will want to pick between a 3840×2400 touch board, a 3456×2160 OLED contact board, or a Full HD board either with or without contact abilities.

USB / Ports

Ports-wise, the XPS 13 Plus is down to one Thunderbolt 4 port fit for DisplayPort and power conveyance on one or the other side, and the battery in the new PC is 55Wh.

Genuinely, the PC is 15.3 millimeters by 295 millimeters by 199 millimeters, and the weight is as much as 1.24 kilograms. Windows 11 will be the standard working framework, yet an engineer rendition will come packaged with Ubuntu 20.04,

The XPS 13 Plus is evaluated from $1200 and is scheduled to be accessible in Spring, probably in the northern half of the globe timing of the period. It will be accessible in a light platinum tone, or a hazier graphite-like tone.

Dell XPS 13 Price in BD

2022 Model Dell XPS 13 Plus

Simultaneously, Dell sent off another 32-inch 4K ultrasharp video conferencing screen, the U3223QZ. The screen has a 4K HDR Sony Starves sensor and two 14-watt speakers situated at the top, just as having a USB-C center point screen that packs an underlying KVM to permit two machines to work next to each other or picture-in-picture.

Port-wise, the U3223QZ has one HDMI, one Ethernet, two DisplayPort, two USB-C upstream ports with one that handles video and 90 watts of force, one USB-C downstream port fit for 15 watts of force, five 10Gbps USB-A ports, and an earphone jack.

Moderate Modern

Dell refers to it as “moderate and current,” positively moderate. There’s no noticeable touchpad, simply a solitary piece of glass as far as possible along the front of the framework.

That doesn’t mean the touchpad goes from one end the entire way to the next, notwithstanding. The touchpad truly runs from the external edge of one Alt key to the external edge of the other. You’ll have to foster some muscle memory to figure out precisely where it starts and finishes.

I can see this being questionable, or possibly not all-around adored, however, I loved the perfect look whenever I as of late got an opportunity to play with one of these in person in no time before CES.

About some details for Dell XPS 13 Plus

The console presently goes edge to edge and the keys are bigger, almost contacting one another. Dell calls that style zero-grid, and it helps me to remember the console on the old 12-inch MacBook.

Without any exception, all the latest line up for Dell are in ready stock at your favorite shop Computer Mania BD and XPS lineup is one of the most premium notebooks among them.

Most important all the refreshed versions of the Dell XPS laptops you will get with the official manufacturer-end warranty support and with the most competitive price in BD.

Dell XPS 13 are the ultra-books with the smallest possible footprints. Due to their size, these ultra-books are very portable as well as light weighted. Compared to their more extensive lineup of Dell XPS 15, the XPS 13 versions are a bit lower in specification but this by no means that these laptops are less powerful.

Dell XPS 13’s are fully power-packed laptops with high-end CPUs and super-fast SSD embedded inside. Dell XPS 13 is made focusing content creators who need powerful laptops with the best mobility.

The portability of the XPS 13 lineup is remarkable. Due to the smaller form factor, these laptops are extremely portable and the screens of these devices are truly eye-catching.

These laptops are pretty color accurate as they target professional people for their creative works.
The rendering speed and color accuracy of Dell XPS 13 is so good that it gives the user a soothing feel.

Dell XPS lineup is mainly the top segment of Dell’s ultra-book series. For this reason, globally these are pricy devices. The price of the Dell XPS 13 is a bit lower than Dell XPS 15 globally. One of the main differences of this is the presence of higher grade GPU at the Dell XPS 15 line up but this doesn’t mean that XPS 13’s are less powerful. Dell XPS 13 is a really powerful machine that can do the work of content creators perfectly.

Dell XPS 13 Price in BD

Dell XPS Price List

**New 2022 Model** Dell XPS 13 Plus || i7-1280P  || 16GB || 1TB SSD || Intel || 4K UHD OLED || Touch 2,09,000/- BDT
**NEW 2022 model** XPS 13 Plus 9320 || i7-1260P || 16GB || 512GB SSD || Intel || W11 || 13.4″, FHD+ Non-Touch 2,39,000/- BDT
Dell XPS 13 9305 || i5-1135G7 || 8GB || 256GB SSD || Intel 1,45,000/- BDT
**New 2022 Model** XPS 13 9315 || i7-1250U || 16GB || 512GB SSD || Intel || W11 || 13.4” FHD+ Touch 199,000/- BDT
Dell XPS 13 (2 in 1) 9315 || i5-1230U || 8GB || 512GB SSD || Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics 199,900/- BDT

*Prices may vary from time to time, check every product page for regularly updated prices.

Dell XPS 13 9300 Price In BD

If you analyze the price of Dell XPS 13 from the global market you can realize the price of this laptop is very reasonable in Computer Mania BD. When we compare the price of Dell XPS 13 in BD with Computer Mania BD to other shops definitely we will see that this shop is offering the most reasonable price in Bangladesh. Even though there are exclusive offers like Black Friday sales,

Dell XPS 13 9300 Price In BD

Cyber Monday, Year End Sell, etc where you may get an unbelievable price cut off sometimes. According to your need to can go with older generation XPS 13s which also very powerful ultra-books are. On those versions, you can get huge price cut-offs from Computer Mania BD most of the time.

Dell XPS 13 9300 Price In BD

Computer Mania BD offers very reasonable prices in BD for
Dell XPS 13 with official warranty which are dream ultra-books for creative professionals.

What is the starting price for Dell XPS 13 in Bangladesh?

Ans: For the Dell XPS 13 starting price is 145,000/- BDT only at Computer Mania BD.

Is Dell XPS 13 best ultrabook laptop?

Ans: Yes!! Dell XPS 13, the best laptop you’ll ever find, with an unremarkable display, a great keyboard, and long battery life in an attractive, slim design that’s easy to take anywhere.

Is Mac better than XPS?

Ans: The most powerful ultrabook laptop for Windows users is obviously the XPS. Yes, this Mac will perform better than the XPS if you believe that using Mac OS won’t interfere with your work.

Should you buy Dell XPS 13?

Ans: Yes, you can go for Dell XPS 13 for your regular and heavy-duty work. The XPS 13 can easily swallow the load you give it.