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Lenovo Legion History in Bangladesh

Lenovo Legion is one of the best gaming laptops series in the world. Legion starts its journey by releasing Y520 (2017) in Bangladesh and Computer Mania was working with this Lenovo legion series from that time and It was a great experience.

Lenovo 2021

Lenovo 2021

Lenovo release two more laptops on this legion series. These are Lenovo Legion Y520 and Legion Y720. Lenovo gaming laptops were under the Ideapad series early stage of 2016 but in 2017 Lenovo start releasing gaming laptops under Legion series.

The Lenovo Legion Y520 price in bd starts from 65k and the Lenovo Legion Y720 starts from 128k+. These two have a classy look and well built. Computer Mania BD brought these two models namely Legion Y520 and Legion Y720 first time in BD. I will like to say that it was a very successful product in Bangladesh.

Legion Y520 Gold Version

Legion Y520 Gold Version

Sell and Warranty condition in BD

Because everyone just likes these two models so much that we sell 35 units of Lenovo Legion Y520 and 22 units of Lenovo Legion Y720. This is the most excellent ratio in the history of Computer Mania.

The most interesting thing is no warranty clam laptop after purchasing. After this successful campaign, we have decided to work more in the upcoming days with the Legion series.

Legion Y520 Gold Version
In 2018, Lenovo launched two major gaming laptops under the legion series. Those two products are Lenovo Legion Y530 and Legion Y730. The build quality Lenovo improve this time.

Achieve of Lenovo Legion

To remembering the 2017 year’s success, This time the starting price of Lenovo Legion Y530 is 73k, and on the other hand, the starting price Lenovo Legion Y730 is 140k. Guess what!! we have a more successful ratio from 2017.

We sell 43units of Lenovo Legion Y530 and 39units of Lenovo Legion Y730. After purchasing we faced 1% of the warranty claim. Because Legion series always comes up with the premium quality.

Legion Y530

Legion Y530

In the year of 2019, Lenovo Legion arrive with Y540 and Y740 models gaming laptop. Legion Y540’s starting price was 90k. On the other hand, Lenovo Legion Y740’s starting price was 155k. After completing two years of successful ratio.

We are also sure that in 2019 Lenovo legion will not let us down. Like that, we have a great response to our customers. This time we sell 75units of Lenovo Legion Y540 and 72 units of Lenovo Legion Y740. As you can see the ratio is increasing day by day.

Lenovo Legion Y740 bd price

Lenovo Legion Y740

Finally, in 2020, Lenovo announced two new models of Legion that is Lenovo Legion 5i and Lenovo Legion 7i. The starting price of Lenovo Legion 5i 106k and Lenovo Legion 7i starting price is 175k.

The price is much increase than the previous year. But the demand for these two models is just mind-blowing. Because the response of the customers is much higher than in the previous years.

The Price List for Legion Collection

We have started to sell these two models to Bangladesh at the very lowest price and the price is announced by Computer Mania is 98k for Legion 5i base model. Lenovo legion is one of the top-notch gaming series from Lenovo.

Lenovo Legion Price in BD will starts from 104000/- BDT only at Computer Mania BD. The Legion 5 variants that our honorable customers can have in Computer Mania are-

**LEGION 5 R5-4600H 8GB D4 512GB NV GTX 1650Ti 4GB 15.6″FHD W10 120Hz –  89,900 BDT

**LEGION 5 R7-4800H 8GB D4 512GB NV GTX 1650  4GB 15.6″FHD W10 120Hz –  104,500 BDT

**Lenovo LEGION 5 R7-4800H 16GB D4 512GB NV GTX 1660 Ti 6GB 15.6″ FHD W10 144Hz- 119,900 BDT

**LEGION 5 R-7 5800H 16GB D4 512GB NV TX 3060 6GB 15.6″ FHD W10 165Hz- 164,000 BDT

**LEGION 5 R-7 5800H 8GB D4 512GB NV RTX 3050 Ti 4GB 15.6″ FHD W10 165Hz -136900 BDT

Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 7i still not arrive in Bangladesh. Therefore we are not releasing the price now.

But we will not take much time, in a very short period of time we will release a reasonable price for our customers on the Computer Mania website. Approximately Lenovo Legion 7i price in BD could start from 136000 BDT

The brand value of legion series and gaming performance of this laptop is crossing all the limits. Gamers are never compromised in gaming performance but in Legion series, there is no complaint about gaming performance.

Lenovo improving gradually in the upcoming days. Inshallah, Computer Mania will break all the previous records and set a new benchmark in 2020.

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Lenovo Legion 5

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