2023 Model Asus Zenbook Price in BD

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Asus ZenBook: sleek design; satisfying performance.

Zenbook is the flagship ultrabook made by Asus. Asus brings a lot of laptops each year from regular laptops to use in the home to high-performing gaming laptops, amongst them Zenbook gets the category of premium ultrabook serie. Asus launched their Zenbook series years ago and still running it successfully.

Zenbook became a popular name when it comes to the premium segment ultrabook category.

Zenbook combines a modern looking sleek design without compromising performance, and that’s why fans love it. The good thing about this is, Asus makes a lot of variations of Zenbook from budget range to top tier to give the premium level feel to every user.

Unlike Dell and HP flagship ultrabooks which are only made for rich users. Today many users are moving from desktops to laptops for the sake of portability and companies are trying hard to innovate laptops to be more portable but also powerful that can handle all the power-hungry apps and programs.

Here comes ASUS who always focuses on innovation and developing their R&D to keep themselves ahead of the competition. They are making laptops for every user- from power hungry gamers to day to day home and office users.

Zenbook is one of Asus’s coolest innovations- which combines power with portability while also maintaining the modern look to go with the surroundings.

Zenbook for everyone

Unlike some other companies, ASUS tries to provide the same premium experience to every user. That’s why they came up with the objective to make Zenbooks at every price point; from budget-end models for students to top-end models for professionals keeping the same metal finishes and sleek design.

If you are a first year student who needs a device for study but doesn’t have a substantial budget you can get a Zenbook. If you are a professional video editor looking for fast and reliable performance you can also get a Zenbook.

That’s how ASUS is making Zenbook so popular by launching a hefty number of models each year from a 14 inch go to model to massive dual-screen innovative and powerful devices to meet every category of user’s demand.

Design that makes everyone gaze

The first thing that appears in one’s mind thinking of Zenbook is the gorgeous design. Zenbook often receives international design award for best notebook design. The sleek design which aims to fit in a compact and slim chassis is a representation of genuine craftsmanship.

ASUS seems to put a lot of effort and R&D into their Zenbook category to make it even more innovative and futuristic. They don’t hold back themselves to release ambitious projects to the market;

The Zenbook duo is a result of it. Their continuous innovation doesn’t fail to impress the customers and seems working great to gain popularity amongst a mass audience.

The beautiful display on the Zenbook is a result of their effort to minimize the bezel and reduce the screen to body ratio. With the perfect placement of keyboard and trackpad Zenbook also offers options for dual display and digital Numpad or display pad for enthusiasts and professional users

Durability has no compromise

It always can be a concern for consumers that a slim and compact-looking laptop that has nearly no display bezel will be delicate and will not be durable. But Zenbook is different in this case; they offer military grade durability with their full metal chassis and excellent engineering effort.

They pass through a number of durability tests like drop tests, bend tests, temperature tests, and stress tests and perform better than most other notebooks out there. So it can be certainly said that Zenbooks keeps no breach on durability and provides a great experience for every consumer out there from home uses to extreme condition.

ASUS Zenbook in Bangladesh

Zenbook is very popular in the Bangladesh market offering wide range of models from entry level Zenbooks to premium level Zenbook pro duo models. Keeping the consideration of Bangladeshi consumers, Zenbook provides great value for money options as well as premium models.

In 2022 ASUS released Zenbook 14 OLED and Zenbook 14x OLED models worldwide and it became very popular in Bangladesh. The most sold models of Zenbook in Bangladesh market are Zenbook 14, Zenbook duo, Zenbook flip 13 and Zenbook flip 15 models.

These can be found with both Intel and AMD processors containing graphics from NVidia. New Zenbook 2022 prices in Bangladesh are announced and available in the market with Intel’s 12th gen processors and AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series CPUs.

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