HP ENVY X360 Price in BD 2022

HP Envy X360 are 2in1 convertible notebooks from HP. In Bangladesh the price range of HP Envy X360 varies a lot on basis of the place you are going to buy, specification and authenticity of the product that you are going to purchase. In Bangladesh there are some reputed as well as trusted shops those sell quality products but the price there you will find may be higher and there are also some shops in Bangladesh those are pretty bad at providing quality products and even sells refurbished products but sells them at a cheaper price compared to other shops in Bangladesh.

This mainly happens when you buy products from unauthorized shops to get products at a cheaper price and as a result many of those users suffer from warranty issue. As those shops mainly sells laptops at a cheaper price by buying factory refurbished products without letting know the customer and telling them these are band new products!

Computer Mania BD

Computer Mania BD is a name of trust for buying authentic products in Bangladesh. Not only you will get genuine products but also you will find the HP ENVY X360 at the least possible price in Bangladesh. For HP Envy X360 it starts from 98.9K BDT for the variants of latest AMD variants of this laptop. As Computer Mania BD always gives the priority to their customers most, they always try to keep pricing as low as possible in Bangladeshi market.

HP Envy x360

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These are the lowest possible price range for HP Envy X360 in Bangladesh if you really want to get the genuine product with official HP warranty support. You may find the laptops in some of the shops for a bit lower price but be careful of the warranty support and getting brand new products from those shops. Without any doubt from pricing point of view with the genuine product delivery to the customer end Computer Mania BD is a name of trust.

HP Spectre

So we do not tell you that to blindly listen to our words. You can do some market study of this laptop about the pricing of this laptop with official manufacturer end warranty that HP provides and can clearly see that the price of this laptop is comparatively low compared to any other shops in Bangladesh only in Computer Mania BD.

Even due to COVID pandemic in market there are huge scarcity of products but still you can see that only in Computer Mania BD price of this laptop is stable and in ready stock. So, if you guys really care about quality product with good after sales service as well as quality pricing, Computer Mania BD is the only solution right now!

HP ENVY X360 2021

In Computer Mania BD you can find all of the laptops in all segments. These all laptops are with official manufacture end warranty supported laptops and come with great pricing compared to any other shops in Bangladesh. HP ENVY X360 is one of the laptops that you can get from Computer Mania BD with many available specifications as well. Here we are going to discuss detail about HP ENVY X360 2020 edition which will help you to clarify if this laptops goes with your taste or not.

HP ENVY 13-Ba1013TX

HP ENVY 13-Ba1013TX

Frist Impression

On the off chance that you’ve been needing a 2-in-1 PC, the HP Envy x360 13 (2020) may simply be the pardon you need to update from your present gadget. Between the incredible sound, full HD show, and the fast charging battery, it’s elusive anything amiss with this PC.

While the HP Envy x360 seems like a little glimpse of heaven, it has a couple of disadvantages. The RAM and SSD are welded, which means you’re left with the design you purchase.

The model shipped off us for audit had 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, however you can arrange the Envy x360 13 with up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD stockpiling. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need really handling force or space for crude video and photograph records or archives, there’s a setup for that.

Display Detail with Stylus Performance

The showcase includes unfathomably meager bezels, giving you an extraordinary screen-to-body proportion and permitting the Envy x360 13 to fit a 13-inch screen in a 11-inch suspension. With a 1080p goal, motion pictures and still pictures look astonishing, even at outrageous points; in any event, sitting almost corresponding with the screen, we actually don’t see any waste of time of tones or polarizing impacts. This implies you will not need to stress over sharing show drafts or watching films with companions and having somebody miss subtleties on account of terrible survey points.

HP Envy X360 11th Generation

HP Envy X360 11th Generation

While watching an assortment of recordings from EmmyMadeInJapan on YouTube, and in any event, while flinching at pork-and-gumdrop cakes or soil treats, colors are dynamic and rich. Indeed, even old, public space Superman kid’s shows and Hollywood Golden Age films look new and energizing; the immersion and scope of shading is comparable to 4K or AMOLED shows, however enumerating isn’t close to as fresh as an UHD show would be.

The showcase additionally upholds contact based contributions to both tablet and PC modes. With multi-contact support, you can zoom all through pictures and guides, swipe, and select zones rapidly and effectively – you can likewise utilize any Windows-based pointer pen to hand compose notes, draw, or make speedy alters to photographs, recordings, and archives.

HP MPP 2.0 Pen

HP gave us the new HP MPP 2.0 Pen to get the full insight of utilizing the Envy x360 for work and pastime craftsmanship. We utilize a few advanced workmanship applications, including Sketchable (free on the Windows App Store) and Adobe Photoshop. The actual pen feels exceptionally decent in the hand, gauging close to a reasonably pleasant ink pen, and highlights two versatile catches that function admirably for both right and left-gave clients;

It comes bundled with a USB-C charging link and two additional nibs to supplant worn or harmed closes. When completely energized, it has a 30-day battery life, which means you can work throughout the prior month expecting to re-energize.

In both applications, we get smooth, fast reactions to inputs, however there was still some slack that could demonstrate baffling when working for extended periods of time on an undertaking. It additionally doesn’t uphold an immense scope of slant acknowledgment, making for some abnormal pen strokes.

In case you’re searching for a pen that is agreeable for taking notes during gatherings, the HP MPP 2.0 is a decent decision, yet in case you’re a craftsman, you might need to pick an alternate pointer. Lamentably, nonetheless, the HP MPP 2.0 is excluded with the gadget.

Build Quality

The 180-degree relies on the PC feels extremely tough while staying simple to move with one hand. The body of the PC is made of aluminum, which gives it a quality vibe without being excessively substantial. The entire thing weighs around 4 lb, which makes it ideal for hauling around the house and office or slipping into a rucksack for your drive.

The body additionally includes a matte completion that keeps fingerprints and residue from appearing, keeping your PC looking extraordinary regardless of how frequently it’s taken care of. An aluminum body diminishes flex when composing, and keeping in mind that it might feel firm and off-kilter when composing from the start, it’s incredible for keeping mileage from every day use.

The actual console has chiclet keys that give you smooth, quick criticism, yet additionally feel little – in case you’re utilized to bigger PCs, or are changing from a work area to utilizing a PC full-time, it will take some becoming accustomed to.

Sound Performance and Security

In case you’re similar to us and can’t do family tasks or everyday work without a type of mood melodies, or in the event that you work with sound professionally, you’ll be content with the incorporated Bang and Olufsen sound framework and HP Audio Boost 2.0 innovation. PC speakers have created something of an awful standing for conveying metallic, contorted sound at higher volumes, yet the HP Envy x360 still sounds clear and rich on maxing out.

While bass tones aren’t as hard-hitting as some may like, mid and high-range sounds are inconceivably spotless at any volume. There is for all intents and purposes zero “buzz” from the skeleton or speaker lodgings, forestalling sloppy sound. Everything from coffeehouse acoustic sets and future funk to old-school Emo rock and hard-hitting destruction metal sounds astonishing with and without a headset.


For security, the console has an underlying unique mark peruser for secret phrase free logins to your PC and online records. It likewise accompanies free, 30-day preliminaries of Express VPN to ensure your security on the web and LastPass to monitor your passwords and shield your records from unapproved access.

We do wish the inherent camera utilized infrared for use with Windows Hello, yet there are a lot of other, more costly PCs accessible with that highlight. The Envy x360 has coordinated camera and amplifier off button fastens that genuinely slice ability to additionally guarantee protection.

The camera off button additionally sets up an actual shade to impede any individual who may have gotten to your webcam from review your office or area. We additionally might want to have seen incorporated encryption for the SSD to keep both work archives and individual data safe, however it’s not difficult to track down moderate encryption programming and plans on the off chance that you need that additional layer of safety.

Battery Available Ports

In case you’re concerned that these astounding highlights make the PC a force hungry beast, you don’t should be. The HP site flaunts a 13 hour battery life during ordinary office and home use, yet our PC Mark 10 test puts it more like 11 hours; our video playback tests likewise recorded an amazing 8.5 hour battery life. So you can stream Netflix or work throughout the day preceding you need to consider charging.

The PC upholds HP Fast Charging, giving you 50% battery in only 30 minutes, so you can top up your battery on your mid-day break or while you’re in a gathering. The console backdrop illumination kills after the keys sit inactive for quite a while, further saving battery life.

Available Ports

The AMD processor implies no Thunderbolt 3, yet you can in any case exploit USB-C charging speeds. Shockingly, the PC just has one USB-C port, so you will not have the option to charge your PC and move information while way except if you have a dock.

It has two USB 3.0 ports with pivoted covers to shield them from residue and harm, so you can interface outside hard drives, streak drives, mice, consoles, and other hard wired peripherals or USB fueled office hardware when you need to.

The depends on the port covers feel a piece flimsy, and can likewise make it hard to rapidly associate peripherals and gadgets, which can be an issue when you’re in a rush. The USB-C port can likewise be utilized to interface an outer 4K showcase when you need a multi-screen arrangement for video or sound work or simply more productive performing various tasks, which is uplifting news for craftsmen and video editors.

Overall Performance

The exhibition setting is intended for when you’re utilizing programs and applications that can be burdening on your CPU to hold temperatures down for better preparing times. Except if you’re working with video and sound or convoluted workmanship programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll infrequently need to transform from the suggested settings.

Fan clamor is never actually an issue, even the exhibition and solace settings are still tranquil enough to not occupy from motion pictures, music, or work. The PC additionally never got sufficiently hot to cause alert or warrant changing to the solace fan mode, which was an alleviation since the thin and smaller structure factor was a worry for wind current.

As an overall work and diversion PC, you’d be unable to track down a preferred decision over the HP Envy x360. The slight and lightweight body makes it a fantasy to take with you on your drive to and from work, just as to a bistro to claim to compose a screenplay while you look through Twitter until your matcha latte is adequately cool to drink.

This is all about the HP ENVY X360 2021 edition laptop and after reading all these if you think this laptop suits your daily need then without any doubt come and visit to grab this laptop from Computer Mania BD, moreover you can directly order online from our website to get this laptop from anywhere of Bangladesh.

HP ENVY Price in BD 2022

HP ENVY X360 13 || Core™ i5-1135G7 || 8GB || 256 GB SSD || Intel® Iris® Xᵉ Graphics

89,900 BDT
HP ENVY X360 13M || Core i7-1165G7 || 8GB || 512GB SSD || Intel Iris Xe Graphics 109,900 BDT

HP ENVY 13-Ba1011TX ||  Core™ i7-1165G7 || 16GB || 512GB SSD || GeForce® MX450

133,000 BDT

HP ENVY x360 15-ee0003ca || AMD Ryzen™ 7 4700U || 8GB || 1TB SSD || AMD Radeon™ Graphics

111,000 BDT

HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep1013dx || Core™ i7-11800H || 16GB || 1TB SSD || RTX™ 3060

190,000 BDT
HP ENVY 13 || Core i5-1135G7  || 8GB || 512GB SSD || GeForce® MX450 106,500 BDT