HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop in Bangladesh

HP Pavilion Gaming series is now available at Computer Mania BD for those who love portability. It is an incredibly light weighted gaming laptop with a slim form factor. The price of this laptop in Bangladesh is also reasonable in Computer Mania BD.

So, to clarify the full feature of this laptop we are writing in full detail about this cool device, and if you guys like this don’t forget to come to the outlets of Computer Mania BD to grab one from us with the official Acer warranty support.

HP Pavilion Gaming Series

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is nice for messing around. Its H-series AMD Ryzen computer processors and devoted NVIDIA GPUs run present-day AAA games tolerably well. Notwithstanding, you’ll have to select the more remarkable RTX 3050 or 3050Ti GPUs assuming you need smoother interactivity at most extreme graphical settings.

Pavilion Gaming or Victus?

The HP Victus 16 (2021) and the HP Pavilion Gaming PC 15 (2021) are both spending plan gaming PCs. As far as client experience, the Victus comes ahead in light of the fact that its console gives a superior composing experience, its touchpad is more responsive, and its speakers sound better.

Pavilion Gaming Vs HP Omen

This Omen PC is more remarkable than the Structure and has a few separating factors. It accompanies a quicker and further developed processor. The Smash is of higher recurrence and can be moved up to 16 GB.

Heat Management

We should tell you that its typical for a gaming PC to warm up, and with an Intel computer processor, for example, the one you have, pretty much nothing remains to be stressed over, for subtleties on why you don’t have to stress: Snap here to go through the central processor particulars, look under T-intersection of the computer chip, it upholds up to 100°C.

A few Decent Parts of this Series

– amazing computer processor – AMD Ryzen 5 4600H; Renoir/Innovation: 7 nm.

– two GPUs: generally excellent NVidia GTX 1650 designs card – TU117-300/Cycle: 12nm/Semiconductors: 4.7B/Kick the bucket Size: 200 mm²/TDP: 75W, with devoted 4096 MB GDDR5/128-bit Transport (Samsung); in addition to the stock onboard AMD Radeon Illustrations itself isn’t terrible in any way.

– exceptionally simple to update Slam: spare opening. The main thing I did is to add an extra +8GB of Samsung 8192 MB (DDR4-3200) – P/N: M471A1K43DB1-CWE. It’s basically as simple as taking 7 screws off and cautiously taking the cover off. Contrasted with the HP Apparition x360 – no problems by any means, and should be possible effectively without harming any guarantee stickers.

– effectively open SSD: stock SSD isn’t terrible at all presentation-wise. In any case, somewhat little for what I do. SSD is found right close to where the Slam stick is.

– Amazing battery duration when analyzed versus Intel-based HP Sign PC with RTX.

– a pleasantly enhanced earphone jack.

– zombie-shaded green console backdrop illumination: very meaningful around evening time.

– great SSD drive: SAMSUNG MZVLQ256HAJD-000H1

Things That Could be Gotten to the next level


– not terrible, but not great either LCD: contrasted with the HP Ghost x360 this show is distressing. It has a less fortunate review point, colors are fairly cleaned out and the white tone has a to some degree yellowish color to it that you can scarcely dispose of even subsequent to changing all conceivable presentation adjustment settings.

– not really good or bad HP TrueVision HD web camera; however regardless of whether you get first-in-class Sign, the camera will be something very similar.

– just 1xHDMI port: no Presentation Port. This is somewhat of an issue assuming you’re intending to utilize Oculus Break S. Yet, WMR VR headsets with HDMI turn out great.

– a little SSD… in any case, it’s exceptionally simple to redesign – PCI. e m.2 NVMe is open right next two the memory space. That is the second thing I did to this machine: supplanted the SSD with a superior one.

– Earphone jack on the right-hand side: I at times utilize a portable mouse, so the earphone jack disrupts the general flow.

Availability in Bangladesh  

There is a lot of shop in Bangladesh that sell the HP Pavilion Gaming Series. As a budget segment laptop, the availability of this laptop at market level is enough but there are lots of shops in BD that sell this at over price level and others don’t provide the official warranty as they bring unauthorized laptops from various ways.

But in Computer Mania BD, you can buy HP Pavilion Gaming with a manufacturer-end warranty that HP provides as well as you guys will get very reasonable pricing. And the support that Computer Mania BD provide is not comparable to any other shops that they provide to each and every honorable customer.

HP Laptop Price in BD
HP Pavilion Gaming 15 ( I5-11300H, 8GB, 32GB+512GB SSD, RTX3050 4GB, W10 ) 109,900/- BDT
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-DK2678TX ( I7-11370H, 16GB, 256GB SSD+1TB HDD, RTX3050 4GB, W11 ) 134,900/- BDT
HP Pavilion Gaming 15 || Ryzen™ 5 5600H || 144 Hz || 8GB || 1TB HDD || GTX 1650  92,000 BDT
HP Pavilion Gaming 16 || Core  i7-10750H || 16GB || 256 SSD || GTX 1660Ti 123,900 BDT
HP Pavilion Gaming 16 ( i5 10300H, 8GB, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, GTX1650 Ti4GB, W10 ) 99,990/- BDT