ASUS ROG Flow 2022

In this yeas ASUS surprised everyone with ROG Flow Z13 which is literally a windows gaming tablet which features latest 12th gen i9 processor and nvidia rtx 30 series graphics cards. The previous year they bought ROG flow x13 which was a convertible touch 13-inch compact gaming laptop that took quite popularity amongst tech enthusiast. Now they took a further step into their continuous innovation with this slim tablet with even more power. This thing is ideal for productivity and portability needs of the professional who want to take their workstation anywhere.

Portable gaming got a new lineup

Asus Rog Flow is the new addition to Asus’s relentless progress in gaming lineup. They are trying to bring AAA gaming to more portable setup and now brought a 13-inch convertible laptop to their gaming laptops portfolio. Asus released Zephyrus g14, a 14-inch powerhouse a few years back which was a game changer in portability and performance. It was well received by gamers and content creators who was looking for a portable workstation. Now with the introduction of new Flow series, ASUS is trying to take a step even further.

Once you hear about a 13 inch convertible laptop, you would think this has low powered cpu and gpu. But Asus makes it surprisingly flagship using the top tier cpu and decent gpu. Also, you can add external graphics card into this and unleash the full power of nvidia gpu.

Asus Rog Flow X13

Asus started their new ROG flow series with the launch of asus rog flow x13 in 2021. With this announcement we witnessed a new 13 inch gaming laptop which has a touch screen display, comes with a pen and 360 degree convertible. It can also be bundled with a full powered desktop level graphics card which is really amazing.


Asus Flow X13 has sleek design and compact 13 inch laptop. It has a touch display which specs up to 4k resolution and 120hz refresh rate. It comes with 360 degree rotatable feature and has a full size keyboard with touchpad. It also has fingerprint support with windows hello built in. The lid has textured which is good for comfortable grip.


You can get the Flow X13 with the latest generation processor and nvidia RTX 30 series graphics cards. This 13 inch compact laptop can be configured upto Ryzen 9 5980HS processor. The gpu options are very impressive as well, it gets upto nvidia RTX 3050ti discrete 4gb gpu. Up to 32gb 4266Mhz LPDDR4X memory and 1tb SSD storage is sweet addition to this compact monster.

XG Mobile

Asus ROG XG Mobile is an impressive add on to this laptop. You can bundle this with the purchase of the ROG Flow or else you can purchase it separately. It packs with 150 watt RTX 3080 dedicated graphics card integrated with 280 watt adapter. I/O ports are also available in this case including usb, HDMI as well as Ethernet port. A cooling fan dedicated to keep the RTX 3080 calm is also existing in the XG Mobile.

Asus ROG Flow Z13

After the successful year launching the x13 ASUS took a step even further introducing ASUS Rog Flow Z13 in 2022. A windows gaming tablet made by Asus! The whole tech world got shocked by this new product, a slim compact iPad like tablet which get the latest intel 12th gen processors are quite incredible. And don’t judge too quickly by the look of it, it’s more powerful than you can imagine.

Imagine Gaming like Never Before

Asus Flow Z13 comes with a retro design having cool temperature monitor in the back. This slim tablet packs with the latest intel core i9-12900H 14 cores CPU and Nvidia RTX 3050ti supported by 16GB 5200MHz LPDDR5 Memory. The storage options are upgraded as well with latest gen 4 ssd up to 1tb. The gpu also gets liquid metal cooling system and a MUX switch. Rog Flow Z13 also has the option to plug in the XG Mobile to get the highest performance in your professional and gaming needs.

Comparison between Asus ROG flow X13 and Z13

With the introduction of Asus ROG flow Z13 in 2022 Asus made huge change and upgrade from their 2021 Flow X13. Here is some comparison.

Model Asus ROG Flow Z13 2022 Asus ROG Flow X13 2021
Form factor It’s a tablet It’s a 2 in 1 convertible Laptop
Keyboard Detachable keyboard cover 360 degree rotating keyboard
Display size 13 inch 13 inch
Resolution Up to 4k 120hz Up to 4k 120hz
Processor It comes with intel core processors Comes with AMD Ryzen processor
Ram LPDDR5 5200mhz ram LPDDR4 4266mhz ram
Storage Gen 4 SSD Gen 3 SSD
Cooling options Liquid metal cooling on CPU and GPU Liquid metal only on CPU
MUX Switch Yes No
Weight 1.12 kg 1.30 kg
Aura Sync Aura Sync Light Bar No
ROG XG Mobile Supported Supported

 Asus ROG Flow price in BD

Asus rog flow is very exclusive laptop and now available in Bangladesh. It’s hard to find this type of unique laptops in Bangladesh, only few shops bring this high end and expensive models for premium consumers. Computer Mania BD brings the latest ROG Flow first time in Bangladesh with exciting price. Rog flow x13 price starts from 120,000 taka. And the new 2022 Asus Rog Flow Z13 price starts from 140,000 taka. The prices depends on the configuration and add-ons. If you want to get it with ROG XG mobile RTX3080 it can cost you up to 350,000 taka.