Dell G15 Gaming Laptop in BD

The Dell G15 (2022) is a spending plan gaming PC open with Intel twelfth Gen central processors and NVIDIA gave GPUs. This is the 5520 model, and it replaces the Dell G15 5511 from 2021 with Intel 11th Generation processors.

It looks for all intents and purposes vague from its precursor, with the best chance being Intel’s twelfth Gen Birch Lake computer processors, which sport another cream plan with a mix of execution and capability focuses. Various changes consolidate the extension of a QHD 240Hz grandstand and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti GPU decision, as well as Thunderclap 4 assistance on models with an RTX 3060 and 3070Ti.

There are also more assortment decisions, including an Obsidian Dark Extraordinary Release with an aluminum cover. There are varieties with AMD Ryzen 6000-series computer chips, known as the Dell G15 5525, and they replace the Dell G15 5515 with AMD Ryzen 5000-series central processors.

All things considered

The Dell G15 is ideal for gaming. You can plan the PC with solid Intel twelfth Gen central processors and different NVIDIA gave GPUs, all of which convey a smooth gaming experience at 1080p.

There’s moreover a QHD 240Hz show decision if you want better visuals, notwithstanding, you’ll have to organize it with the top-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti to get extraordinary packaging rates.

It doesn’t get unnecessarily hot or loud under the weight, and there’s no unmistakable stifling on the central processor or GPU. Unfortunately, the 120Hz load-up has a slow response time, causing unmistakable ghosting, and it doesn’t maintain a variable strength rate.


The Dell G15 PC has a reasonably clear arrangement. Other than the planned speaker grills and the orange-shaded console setting brightening, it is direct for the gamer elegant. It has a fixed shape, so notwithstanding the way that it looks thick and heavy from the back, it looks essentially more slim from the front with the top shut.

There are vents on the different sides of the PC, the back, and the base. It’s open in three assortment plans: Dull Shadow Dark, Obsidian Dark Unique Release, and Phantom Green with Disguise.

Assemble Quality

The Dell G15 gaming PC’s manufacturing quality is just okay. There aren’t any deformities in the turn of events, be that as it may, it doesn’t feel particularly sturdy on the other hand. It has an unassuming tendency plastic body with a wrap that gets fingerprints and scratches really, and there’s flex in the grandstand and control center deck. The Obsidian Dark Extraordinary Version model has an aluminum cover.

Spec Choices

A 1080p objective is truly typical for a gaming PC this size, and it’s a fair partner for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 3050Ti, and 3060 as it is shockingly direct to drive. Pictures and text look adequately sharp, and you get sufficient space for split-screen playing out various undertakings.

The 1440p show looks quicker, in any case, you’ll have to facilitate it with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti to get a smooth gaming experience. The 16:9 point of view extent is truly perfect for gaming and media usage; nevertheless, some could find it needs more vertical space for proficiency, meaning you really want to scroll more while examining a record or site.

Screen Invigorate Rate

The most insignificant end-show arrangement is the 1080p 120Hz board. It gives better responsiveness and features an imperceptibly more clear picture than a standard 60Hz load-up, notwithstanding, the response time is slow, causing recognizable ghosting behind speedy articles. The 1080p 165Hz board has an advanced response time of 13ms, which is faster yet lazy for its stimulation rate, and the comparable goes for the 1440p 240Hz load up, which has a plugged response time of 10ms.

Contrast Proportion

The Dell G15 gaming PC’s 120Hz board has an uncommon distinction extent for an IPS board. Regardless, it’s at this point to some degree low number stood out from other board headways like VA or OLED. Blacks look grayish in faint settings, so it isn’t the best decision for faint room seeing.

The 1080p 165Hz and 1440p 240Hz sheets will likely have tantamount separation. The separation extent can move between individual units, yet what is important is for the most part minor and isn’t noticeable.


The Dell G15’s 120Hz board gets reasonably splendid, to some degree better than the announced 250 collection/m². It’s enough for use in most indoor settings anyway not precisely for a splendidly lit environment or outside without attempting to stow away.

For faint room seeing, it gets satisfactorily weak to help with diminishing eye strain. The 1080p 165Hz has an advanced 300 reduced plate/m² of splendor, which is simply potentially better. The 1440p 240Hz board has an advanced 400 circle/m² of splendor, which is wonderful enough for outside use, yet barely


The Dell G15 gaming PC’s appearance dealing with is great. It has a matte foe of savvy covering that diffuses splendid, direct reflections like light or open windows during the day; in any case, it doesn’t reduce the power of the reflections and spreads them out, in light of everything, causing shadiness in various locales of the screen.

It makes it hard to see faint substance yet is definitely not a truly momentous issue while reviewing marvelous substance. You can, regardless, see a couple of reflections while studying splendid substance with the screen at max quality, nonetheless, they aren’t unnecessarily redirecting.

Assortment Precision

The Dell G15’s out-of-the-container assortment precision is alright. Most assortments look mixed up considering the way that the 120Hz board has a dainty assortment range and can’t rehash the right tones. Nevertheless, the white balance is awesome, and the variable temperature is incredibly close to the 6500k goal.

The gamma sticks to a general level of 2.2 rather than following the sRGB twist, making faint substance unreasonably dull and magnificent substance unnecessarily splendid. Assortment accuracy changes between individual units, nonetheless, what makes a difference is commonly unimportant.

SRGB on the Display

The Dell G15’s 120Hz board has a lamentable assortment range. It doesn’t have full incorporation of the for the most part used sRGB assortment space, making the most joyful look dull and wiped out. It furthermore has very confined consideration of the greater Adobe RGB, DCI P3, and Rec. 2020 assortment spaces.

This board isn’t fitting for any assortment of essential work or audit HDR content. Various introductions will be more engaging as the 1080p 165Hz board has an advanced 100% sRGB consideration, and the 1440p 240Hz board has a promoted near 100 percent DCI P3 incorporation.

Typing Experience

The keyboard of  Dell G15 has a good control center. It feels open, and it has a really standard configuration that is easy to become accustomed to. The plastic used for the keycaps is okay; it isn’t particularly premium or unobtrusive. The keys have a lot of development and needn’t bother with a ton of ability to prompt, but they feel fairly delicate.

As a rule, it gives a respectable forming experience and doesn’t cause fatigue long term. You can flip between two scenery brightening quality levels or turn it off absolutely using F5; nevertheless, you can’t change the assortment. There are models with 4-zone RGB scenery enlightenment in case you really want more tones, and there’s similarly an Obsidian Dark Unique Release model with a 12-zone RGB setting brightening.


The Dell G15 has an unexceptional touchpad. It’s little notwithstanding the way that this is a 15.6-inch contraption. There aren’t any issues with palm excusal, yet it doesn’t be guaranteed to answer taps, and exercises like migrating can frustrate. Moreover, the snap part feels delicate and unassuming.

Sound Quality

The Dell G15 has up-ending speakers that get pretty plain with an irrelevant setback in sound quality at max volume. They have a lot of emphasis on the mids and low-high pitch frequencies to convey clear vocals, be that as it may, they need bass and high pitch development and sound to some degree square-formed and void. Thus, they’re ideally suited for spoken content yet aren’t perfect for music or films.


The Dell G15 gaming PC has a fair port assurance. All its USB ports support USB 3.2 Gen 1 data move to speed up (to 5Gbps). The USB-C can yield a video sign to an external show, yet it doesn’t maintain charging, meaning you can’t use it to charge the PC. The USB-C on models with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 or 3070Ti assistance Thunderclap 4.

PC processor decisions

They’re both high-power compact computer processors expected for gaming laptops and adaptable workstations. Unlike Intel’s 11th Gen processors, this new time of computer chip utilizes a cream design with a mix of execution and viability focuses, similar to Macintosh’s M1 SoC and other ARM-based processors found in numerous mobile phones.

The two computer chips have 8 capability communities, yet the Center i5-12500H has 4 execution places, while the Center i7-12700H has 6, giving better multi-string execution. Simply the show communities have Hyper-Stringing advancement to allow the focuses to meanwhile work even more gainfully and process more strings.

GPU Choices

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 3050Ti, and 3060 are GPUs planned for 1080p gaming. The RTX 3050 can convey around 60 fps or to some degree more at medium or high settings. The RTX 3050Ti is simply perhaps better, with around a 10% execution increase on ordinary over the 3050.

The RTX 3060 is essentially faster than the RTX 3050 and will get you higher edge rates, around 90 fps in extraordinarily mentioning games like Red Dead Recovery 2 and Professional killer’s Belief Valhalla, however well more than 100 fps in lighter games. The RTX 3070Ti is the top-end plan and the best GPU to facilitate the QHD 240Hz show.

There’s no MUX (multiplexer) switch, so all information dealt with by the GPU goes through the planned GPU preceding getting to the show, which commonly achieves more horrendous execution than a PC that has one. The show mishap can rely upon 15% in specific games.

Dell enabled the MUX switch on the G15 5511 and 5515 models with an RTX 3060 through a Profiles update, so conceivably they could do a comparative this time around.

Ram Options

You can design the Dell G15 with 8, 16, or 32GB of memory. For gaming, it’s ideal to get no less than 16GB in light of the fact that 8GB isn’t enough for certain games and will cause stammers. Likewise, the 8GB model purposes a solitary RAM module in a solitary channel setup, which can lessen execution in CPU-serious situations.


You can design the Dell G15 with a 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD.


The Dell G15 has an unfortunate battery duration. No matter what your responsibility is, you’ll need to connect it eventually to overcome an ordinary 8-hour typical working day, and the equivalent goes for media utilization. For gaming or requesting assignments like video altering, you’ll need to utilize the PC connected practically the whole time.

A few models have a bigger 86Wh battery, so in the event that battery duration is something you care about, checking the determinations first is ideal. Battery duration differs incredibly relying upon your use and the PC’s setup, as better-quality GPUs and shows with a quicker, invigorate rate or higher goal consume more power.

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Price list for Dell G15 Gaming Laptop in BD 

Dell G15 Price in BD

Dell G15 5511 Gaming Lapto || Ryzen 7 5800H || 16GB || 512GB SSD || RTX™3060 6GB || 165Hz

163,000 BDT
Dell G15 5511 Gaming Laptop || AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H || 8GB || 512GB SSD || RTX™ 3050 Ti 136,900 BDT
Dell G15 5511 Gaming Laptop || i5-11260H || 8GB || 512GB SSD || RTX™ 3050 119,000 BDT