Asus Gaming & Ultrabook Laptop 2023

Asus is a well-known computer hardware and electronics company that operates on a global scale and aspires to produce the most cutting-edge laptops and supplies on the market today.

It started out as a Taiwanese company, but due to the high quality of its products and services, its popularity has gradually spread across the globe. They’ve also amassed a significant amount of notoriety in Bangladesh.

The high-performance capabilities of Asus Laptop are well-known, and the company has contributed to the growth of all industries through its production of industry-leading gaming laptops as well as gaming smartphones.

They are building their own fanbase in Bangladesh by providing high-tech laptops in a variety of colors, sizes, and specifications for customers to choose from. We are here to provide you with the most recent information regarding the most recent laptops and the Asus laptop price in Bangladesh.

Why should you pick an Asus laptop?

Choosing an Asus laptop is the best option if you want access to a diverse selection of devices that each have their own set of distinguishing usability traits. You are welcome to test any and all of the most recent models of Asus laptops that are available in the color you selected.

Asus sells the most recent processor generations from Intel and AMD in Bangladesh, including the latest Intel 12th Gen core i3 core i5 core i7 and the last upgrade version Intel Core i9 with 12th Gen, as well as the most recent AMD 6th Gen Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and the last upgrade version Ryzen 9 with 6th Gen processors.

ASUS ROG Strix G15 G513RM in BD Price

All of these processors are available in Bangladesh. Laptops manufactured by Asus are known for a number of desirable qualities, including In this location, multitasking is permitted without the risk of encountering delays or other complications.

You will get the most powerful laptop possible while staying within your price range if you purchase an Asus laptop, which is more reasonably priced than competing brands.

  • Well-known for their enormous versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of uses, including working in an office, playing video games, editing videos or photos, or simply watching movies. Asus Laptops are equipped with everything.
  • The hinges located on the back of the laptop make it possible for the keyboard to pop up in the correct manner.
  • The display on the Asus laptop has the highest possible resolution, which enables you to carry out all of your daily responsibilities even in the dimmest of settings. The screenplay is also extremely impressive.
  • They are the most attractive in modern style, and they are very lightweight to carry.
  • Touchable LCD panels are available on some models, which allow for easy navigation. Even when subjected to heavy use, the laptop will not experience a slowdown in performance. All Asus laptops are constructed with cutting-edge technology, which ensures that they will last for a very long time.


Various Asus laptop series:

Asus, like many other laptop makers, has improved the quality of its products and released new models regularly over the years. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you’d like to make adjustments to your order before it’s shipped.

This article will tell you how much a new Asus laptop will cost in Bangladesh in 2022. In order to make your shopping experience easier, we offer every Asus laptop model and series listed below for purchase directly from our website.

How much is the price of an Asus laptop in Bangladesh?

Asus Laptop Price in BD Starting at BDT 60,000/- and going up to BDT 5,99,000/- BDT. Asus laptops are not cheap in Bangladesh. A user can choose from a number of different series from Asus, each with its own set of features and, consequently, its own price tag. VivoBook, Zenbook Chromebook series’ entry-level models, can be purchased for between 60,000/- BDT and 90,000/- BDT.

For business professionals, students, casual programmers, web designers, etc. These laptops have the added benefit of being relatively light. Therefore, portability will be maximized, and battery life will be maintained thanks to low-power processors. On the other hand, you can expect to pay anywhere from 95,000/- BDT to 599,000/- BDT for an Asus ROG or TUF series gaming laptop in Bangladesh.


For the Dedicated GPU Laptop

Dedicated graphics cards are standard on these laptops, beginning with the entry-level models and going all the way up to the high-end models. However, the displays on these laptops are typically not accurate in terms of color. In other words, they are not a good fit for people who work in the arts.

However, gamers can expect to see high refresh rate screens, great processors, and dedicated graphics cards, making these series the best for gaming. In Bangladesh, you can expect to pay anywhere from 1,55,000 BDT up to 5,99,000 BDT for a high-end Asus ROG Zephyrus series laptop. The series features the most advanced processor, graphics card, premium display, and refresh rates currently available. What’s more, it’s lightweight and compact, so it’s a great travel companion.


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Consider these factors if you’re in the market for a new portable computer. You can think about the price range, the brand, and the available configurations. Computer Mania BD can assist you in obtaining any model of Asus Laptop you desire. To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve broken down the cost of Asus laptops into affordable, mid-range, and premium options.